Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A baby shower

This past weekend Hubby and I made a trip to Rhode Island and then to Boston. First we had dinner with one of my cousins and his wife as well as our daughter and her husband at a great restaurant called Besos Bistro in East Greenwich, RI on Friday night after a very long drive from Long Island.

On Saturday, Hubby played golf at the Warwick Country Club with my daughter's husband and father-in-law, while the women enjoyed my daughter's baby shower. There were games like guess the number of diapers in the diaper cake

and guess the total price of all the baby items in the box. 

We had a delicious buffet followed by cupcakes and macarons for dessert.

Each table had its own single layer diaper cake topped by a stuffed animal as well as a photo of one of the parents as a baby.
There were also some crafts for the guests to do. They could write a funny or uplifting message on a diaper.
There were some very clever messages.

Guests could also decorate onesies and undershirts.
These were displayed on a clothesline during the shower.

Yes, there is a beautiful view of the Greenwich Bay out the window.

My daughter received many adorable items for the baby.
Here she is opening my gift of embroidered bibs...
...and elephant afghan.
She has always been a big Harry Potter fan and often waited on line at midnight for the next book release with a good friend who gave her this sleeper.
The grandmothers enjoyed the shower almost as much as my daughter did.
Here are my daughter and her husband with his grandmother.
It is not too much longer until my granddaughter will be here!

After the shower we went back to my daughter's house near Boston. Her dog Ruby was very sleepy after spending a day and night in Rhode Island.
She snoozed while we ate pizza.
We enjoyed breakfast on her patio the next morning.

I hope to be able to make one more trip up to see her before the baby arrives.

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  1. Oh what fun , looks like you had a great time .
    And more happy times to come .

  2. looks like fun all around....great to see new england again...

  3. What a wonderful visit! Fun baby shower ideas! Your daughter is just glowing! Gail at the Cozy Quilter

  4. What a wonderful baby shower and that elephant blanket is adorable! Your daughter is glowing and was showered with so much love. The table settings are beautiful. I felt like I was there with you... so excited for baby along with you!

  5. OH my what a celebration! I'm so excited for you and your grand to be :) May she have a safe, healthy, fast, easy labor and delivery!!!

  6. Looks like it was a special and fun time. Your daughter is beautiful as pregnant! Which is the date for the baby arrival?

  7. Such a fun time - nice to see that elephant blanket again, ready for the new baby.


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