Sunday, May 19, 2019

PGA nearby

There was a different kind of flying machine in the skies by me this week.The Goodyear blimp is paying a visit to my neighborhood for the PGA golf championship at the Bethpage golf course. 
I snapped these as I was going to the grocery store. Don't worry, I pulled over and stopped each time.
The course is only about two miles from my house. My children took golf lessons at Bethpage golf course as kids. Hubby and my son often play a round of golf there also. They don't get to play on the black course where the championship is being played, but there are red, green and blue courses as well that they play on. It is a public golf course, where a local road goes right through it. I used to take that road every day to go to work when I was first teaching. 

Our daughter is visiting this weekend. It is my mom's 92nd birthday and we needed a trip to the local indoor flea market for wedding combs and earrings.

In the morning we all went for a walk in the local preserve yesterday and saw a momma duck and her ducklings. One of the ducklings is on the rock on the left, others are in the water.
The ducklings are so small and light, they could stand/walk on the floating vegetation.
Hubby and Katie were enjoying watching them.
Ruby wanted to watch out for mean bicycles.
All in all we had a pleasant walk. Ruby was tired afterward.

We celebrated Mom's birthday yesterday.
 I made dinner and bought a tiramisu cake from the local bakery.
It was a nice little family celebration.

Three bunnies have been visiting our backyard.
 They are so adorable.
There is a baby bunny too, but it scurried away before I could take its picture. 

I have been steadily working on my secret cross-stitch. The cross-stitching is almost complete which then just leaves a bunch of back-stitching. I am still hoping to finish it by the end of this month at which time I can start sharing any other crafts that I start working on. 

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Monday, May 6, 2019

A touch of Hollywood stitching

 A couple of weekends ago, Hubby and I braved the cold and rain to drive to a local outlet mall an hour away from our home. We really didn't need to do any shopping, (though I did find a dress to wear to my daughter's shower and a nice top for work or date night). 
I wanted to see the following exhibit of costumes and clothing from.....
This unusual costume was worn by Doris Day in "Glass Bottom Boat" in 1966.
This was worn by Debbie Reynolds in "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". Look how tiny that waist is! 
Below is a dress from the 1920's that belonged to Clara Bow. It looks very fragile, but is still quite pretty.
This beautifully embroidered dress was worn and owned by Joan Crawford in the 1940's
 Judy Garland wore this outfit in the movie "Babes on Broadway" in the 1940's. Again, look at how small the waist is.
 Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire wore the outfits below in different movies. The brown dress has pretty detailing.
 This red dress was a personal gown of Elizabeth Taylor from the 1970's designed by Halston. What a timeless look.
 Tallulah Bankhead wore this over-the-top costume as Catherine the Great in "A Royal Scandal" in 1945. It is sad to see that the velvet is no longer in good shape in places.
 Even more over-the-top is the costume for "Marie Antionette" from 1938. The actress who wore it was Norma Shearer.
 Joan Fontaine wore this beautiful gold creation in "Frenchman's Creek" in 1944. Zoom in to see the amazing swirls in the gold fabric.
Isn't this black creation stunning? It was worn by Rita Hayworth in "Strawberry Blonde". 
 This gold gown is a reproduction of one worn by Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief". Edith Head had to design the neckline to showcase the jewels.
The skimpy creation below was worn by Lana Turner in "The Prodigal". The fringe is totally beaded. 
 This dress was worn by Mira Sorvino portraying Marilyn Monroe. The elaborate duo to the right are from the movie "The Slipper and the Rose: A Story of Cinderella" from 1976 with Richard Chamberlain.
 Do you recognize this outfit? It is the school-girl clothes of "Gigi"! Oh how much fun to see this outfit worn by Leslie Caron in 1958. Again, can you believe that small waist.
 The gown below is from the same movie. I love the music from that movie. My mom had the album and it was played often when I was a little girl.
 This gorgeous gown was worn by Mae West in "Every Day's a Holiday" in 1937.
 Who can forget Clark Gable in "Gone With the Wind".
 Do you remember the "curtain dress" from that same movie. This was worn by  Vivian Leigh in 1939. Trust me that she was a small lady. This gown goes to the ground and I could see over the top. I am only 5'2" tall myself.
 Ava Gardner was even smaller when she wore this beautiful dress in "The Great Sinner" in 1949. I felt like a giant near it. I don't think my thigh would fit in that waist. 
This is a beautifully embroidered dress that was worn by Jeanette McDonald in the 1942 movie "I Married an Angel".
 Below is a bathing suit worn by Esther Williams in "Easy to Love" in 1953. Do you see the tease behind it?
Here it is! This is one of the outfits worn by Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady". Another movie whose music brings back childhood memories. I love this movie. It is amazing to see the intricate detailing on this dress. Zoom in.
There were a few other outfits that I didn't photograph. Although I recognized almost all of the actors/actresses, I wasn't familiar with all of the movies. It was a small exhibit, but so much fun.

Hubby kept commenting about how much larger people are now. Somehow I think that is partially true, but that even current female actors still strive to be very small. I also know that sizing of garments has changed radically since I was younger, which is why my daughter often wears a 0 or 00, when she looks like at 2 or 4 to me. I don't think I was ever as small as she is, but I weighed about the same and usually wore 6 when I was her age. Never the less, I was so glad that we were able to get to see this exhibit. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Stitching Group

Every once in a long while I am able to join my local stitching group. Since I had this past week off from my daytime job I was awake enough to join this week. This is a group of needle-pointers, cross-stitchers, knitters and crocheters.
I brought my secret stitching to work on and made some good progress. Since I can't share what I am working on I thought I would share what everyone else is doing.
First a pretty nubby green sweater by Nicole. When I first met this young woman she was spinning wool.
 Jennifer is the young daughter of one of the members....and she just started working on this needlepoint piece.
 Her mom Helene is working on the calming piece...
 as well as this great sign. Aren't most moms chaos coordinators.
 Cheryl has this great patriotic piece that will be turned into a little box. you can see the lid on the right-hand side.
 Kim is stitching this crab. The claws have great patterns.
Randi W is making this handsome sweater for her son. 

 Stacey is working on this great shawl. What a great pattern!
This is a blanket that Michelle is making. Can you see the heart?
 Randi M is making this needlepoint for her grandaughter, Lily.
Judie is making this oh-so-soft scarf. You just have to feel it to realize how warm and wonderful it is going to be.
There is another Kim who has just started crocheting this scarf. Another great stitch is being used.
I hope you enjoyed all these great projects. 

I am hoping to get to the meetings more often once the university semester is over in mid-May. 

I did get to work on my secret stitching yesterday and I hope to do some more today.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spring Flowers make me smile

Don't you just love seeing the tulips, daffodils and hyacinth in bloom in the Spring? My MIL gave this basket of tulips to me for Easter.
 They are such a pretty color.
Hubby gave me this lily. It has less of a scent than the typical Easter Lily.
Several of my tulips have bloomed.
I may have to move these purple tulips as they are sort of hidden by the tree.
I like this multi-petaled tulip, but it doesn't grown very well.
My hyacinth are a little sparse also.
At least my daffodils put on a show.
There are a few white ones also.
As you may know I am an Adjunct Professor at a local university. Each year they have a tulip festival. The founder was Dutch so this makes perfect sense.
Here are some pictures from my walk on the campus.
You can see that many of the species are labeled for the festival.
So many varieties and colors. I love this two-toned tulip.
There are even some daffodils.
Finally, although I didn't take any family pictures on one was interested, I did take a picture of Ruby.
Isn't she adorable!

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