Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Retrospective

First I want to thank all of my followers and all of my readers. I am so thankful for all of your comments, support and encouragement throughout the year.

It is the time of year to review my completed projects and report on last
 year's WIPs that will continue into the coming year. I also have a few new projects that I want to start.

I had 15 completions this year. Not too bad. 

I finished my Winter Angel. 

Mom's vest is finally keeping her warm

This hat was requested by my MIL.

I finished stitching Spring Angel. 

This sleepy dog kit was a gift from my son. I have yet to frame or finish it.

Spring Angel was made into a standing placard.

Gratitude is the Key to Happiness was stitched, finished and sent as a gift.

 Fresh Till Cowl was one of the easiest knits that I have ever done.

I needed something new for my dining room's bay window so I made this Lantern Floral Craft.

I love this hat pattern so a made another one for Hubby
 I made this Crocheted Christmas Tree for my daughter.

I finished stitching Autumn Angel. 


I made Autumn Angel into another standing placard.

I tried this easy No-Sew Quilted Ornament.

Merry Christmas Angel was stitched long ago, but I finally make her into yet another placard.

This blue cowl was made for my daughter out of the yarn from a hat that she didn't like.

I finished a hat for myself sometime during the year, but I can't find a picture anywhere.

I hope Baker Beach will be finished this year. There are still 3+ pages to be stitched.

My 2nd Crocheted Christmas Tree is almost done, but I won't need to give it to my son until next year when he has his own apartment. This is one start of the tree skirt which has been taken apart a few times. It is the last piece that I need to finish crocheting before assembly and it no longer looks like this.

This Royal Squares Quilt is disappointing for a few reasons. 

First it is not going together easily. Some of the sizing is off and I can't seem to get the seams to line up without extensive pinning. I have tried several different methods. On top of it all, the twin-sized bed that I was making this for is soon to be replaced with a queen-sized bed, so I will have to decide if I want to search for fabric to make it bigger or just finish it as is. 

I think I will work on hand-quilting this small baby quilt that my mother made. 

This Fall printed cross-stitch is a long-term project. I am just not that into working on it. I think it is a little farther along than this picture shows, but I can't locate a more recent picture.

I have two Prairie Schooler Santas that will now be made as gifts for next year as I ran out of time this year. The front one is partially stitched, but I will update that another time.
I think I will probably work on these this coming Summer.

I also have the Granny Square Roses to work on.
There is no real plan for them right now. They are an easy project to work on here and there.

Future Projects
Summer Angel .....well first I have to design her. At least I have some ideas this year.

This Pinkeep was sent to me by another blogger. I now have the correct linen so I can get started.

I bought this Felt Advent Tree kit to make for my daughter. 
I want to get started on it soon as it has a lot of little pieces.

I am sure there will be some crocheted and knit pieces also, but right now I have no definite plans. Of course, that can change in a moment.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Family time

I am thoroughly enjoying my time off with my son and daughter visiting. Even though they are grown adults, I have to get the obligatory Christmas morning pic in front of the tree. They humored me.
 I am also relaxing and crafting. I have finished the cowl I was making for my daughter. She asked me to complete only 10 out of the 12 rows. She really likes it. It just covers her mouth and nose. It will work well when she is bundled up walking to and from the T(the train) in Boston this winter. 
I am working on the crocheted tree skirt for another crocheted Christmas tree. This is all that is left to finish so I might as well get it done. I am hoping this scrap of variegated Christmas yarn will be enough to finish the skirt. I would like it to be different than the one I made for my daughter. I will give this one to my son next Christmas.
 Do you see my new crochet hook? Hubby gave me a whole new ergonomic set for Christmas. I hope they will make it easier for me to crochet for longer times. 
I know that my hand didn't cramp up when I was crocheting the little circle above this morning so I am hopeful.
I am going to use this yarn to make an infinity scarf for my daughter.
Ignore the hat picture behind it. That was the original intent for this yarn, but now will be a variation of On the Tracks. This yarn is not fingering, but I think it will work fine....or I will go yarn shopping. 
I will be returning to stitching Baker Beach soon. Maybe not this week as we will still have visitors and it is easier to crochet than stitch, but you never know. I want to work on the Prairie Schooler Santas too. They will be put away for gifts for next year. I denfinitely ran out of time this year, but that is okay. So much less stress.

I am joining Ginny for Yarn Along today. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are knitting/crocheting and reading. 

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

I want to wish all of my followers and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah! I hope you are enjoying the company of family and friends during this holiday season.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Preparations

I have been neglecting my blog. Then again, I have been neglecting my crafting also. I finally have my holiday preparations almost completed. The tree has its lights and ornaments yet. Our son is flying in this afternoon so maybe we will spend tonight putting the decorations on the tree. It is about time. I thought I would share with you my snowman collection. It is sitting in my front window next to and behind the nativity which faces out our front window.
I never meant to have a collection, but sometimes it just happens.
I decorated those little Christmas trees many years ago. 
The grass that you see out the window was covered in snow just yesterday, but last night's rain washed it all away.

My staircase railing is has its greenery. That was Friday night and Saturday's job. I was home alone Friday night while Hubby was administering his first university exam so I decided to get busy. Those little glass balls take some time to hang each year. 
I also mixed two cookie doughs on cookies baked yet. Chocolate Crinkles and Raspberry Walnut Thumbprints will be baked soon. They are being chilled and then need to be rolled into balls and rolled into toppings.
Most of the gifts are bought. Hubby and I went to a local outlet mall after dinner on Saturday and purchased many of our gifts. We were quite surprised at how empty it was. We got great deals and did not have to stand on a single line. I guess most people just shop online now. I did order several gifts online from companies that I regularly deal with and where I can return in a local store if necessary.

Food shopping will either be today or Tuesday night.  I am not sure we can fit it in today.

 Tomorrow night I will give the final exam for my university class. Of course then I have to grade all of those exams before Christmas as I have to submit the grades to the university just after Christmas. 

Sometime this week, I need to wrap the gifts. Hubby will help with that when he is not grading his second final exam. I am so happy that I only have one to grade this semester.

I took Mom shopping Friday afternoon, so now she has all of the gifts that she wanted to buy. I helped her decorate her tree and put a few decorations around. I wish that I had time to put up all of her decorations, but she likes to try to do it herself. 

I am working on this cowl right now. The yarn was formerly a hat that I made that my daughter disliked....I don't blame her. She liked the soft yarn though so I am giving this a try. The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun and not the easiest to work with. I wonder if she will like this. It won't be a gift, just something for her to have in the cold Boston winter.
Well, I guess I had better get my day started. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching, but I think today will be crocheting for me. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Merry Christmas Angel

My Merry Christmas Angel has been stitched for quite some time, but I could never decide how to finish her.....wall-hanging, framed, etc. Since I have been making my seasonal angels into placards, I finally decided to finish her in the same way. Here she is:
I decided to just use a thin satin ribbon around the edge. The glue was still drying on top when I took this picture, thus the white line.
The fabric was in my stash. 
I am quite pleased with the final result.
I finally got around to putting up my village last night.
Here are some close-ups.

The sun coming in from the nearby window makes the scene look foggy.
Today we will be doing some Christmas shopping and maybe putting the lights on the tree that we purchased yesterday. It smells wonderful.
I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching today. Tomorrow I will join the Stitchery Link Party at Super Mom - No Cape. Pop on over to these sites to see what other bloggers are stitching. I might be able to stitch some of my Prairie Schooler Santa tonight. I still need to do plenty of card writing, shopping and decorating though and I haven't even started the cookies.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Houses

Hubby and I have been working to get our house decorated for Christmas. The outside is done. Most of the lights were hung by Hubby.
 Our home is two stories, but our fear of heights prevents us from putting any lights on the second floor eaves. 
I thought I would show you how some of the locals decorate their homes also.
I have shared this one before, the local family collects donations for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. This is quite an elaborat display.
 The penguins are working hard.

 This display is new this year.
 I love the carolers.
Santa's workshop is also new this year.
 The reindeer are ready.
 Mrs. Claus is busy with her knitting. She has a cup of cocoa nearby.
 Santa is looking over his list.
 The choir is all assembled.
 I don't think this is how the reindeer usually fly.
Now this is the most elaborate display in my neighborhood, but their are other neighbors who have extensive decorations also. The following homes are all within walking distance (just a few blocks) from my home.
This family started decorating before Thanksgiving.

 The following are three of four homes at a nearby intersection. The fourth house doesn't even try to compete. This is house #1
 I like the animated dolls in the front window.
 Here are the decorations of house #2.
 Don't you love the skating Peanuts characters.

 And finally house #3.
 I love this snowman. Several houses in our neighborhood have him.
 All three houses are the same basic split-level so if they all look alike, you know why.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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