Friday, January 27, 2023

January Baby Crafts

Grey January days mean lots of crafting and we sure have had our share of them this month. Hubby and I were taking a walk around our neighborhood and bemoaning the fact that there has been very little sun all month. We don't mind the cold daily walks normally, but the grey, cloudy skies and cool breeze/wind with no sun shining on your face does not really make these walks pleasant. Those grey skies have meant on and off rain this month also. No snow. I happen to like a few snowy days. Even if there are grey skies afterward at least it is bright outside. So far January has been quite depressing weather wise. 

I have managed to make a lot of progress on my crafts. 59 out of 198 rows of crochet are completed on the baby blanket for my future grandson. Only a peek remember.

I have been trying to crochet 3 rows per day. Some days I manage a few more.

I have also started a new yarn project for another baby that is being born this Spring. This blanket will be knitted.

I have already had to rip out a few rows, but I think I have the pattern down now. It is a 4 row repeat with two of the rows just knit. I can work on it while watching TV which is a plus, because I can't do that with most of the other WIPs.

The birth announcement is stitching up quickly. I have finished the motifs across the bottom and are working on the flowers up the sides. Isn't that little bear adorable. It is hard to see my progress on the flowers as the floss is off-white on a white background so I left the needle in to show you where to look.

I can only stitch these flowers under bright overhead lighting, so I usually work on this in the morning or on the rare sunny days. 

This wonderful craft kit came in the mail a few days ago.

Natalie's parents chose it for her and I ordered it from Herrschners while their after Christmas sale was still going on. This will be added to the crafting rotation once one of the others above are completed.

I had to add a few items to the order to get free shipping, so I also ordered a the extra brown floss I need for the border of the birth announcement, a pair of new embroidery scissors....because you can never have too many.... and a clearance cross-stitch book. It was only $3.99. Quite a bargain for a hardcover book.

I will be joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are up to. I certainly have plenty to keep me busy.

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  1. You will achieve your goals in no time at all! How exciting to be working on all the baby stuff.

  2. I don't mind cold winter walks but they are so much better if the sun is shining. I had a to keep ripping out a lot of the knitting I am doing before I got the ribbing right - I know how that feels whether is be knitting or crochet

  3. Hi there, lovely crocheting and that new knitted pattern looks lovely and also complicated. Interesting that it is a 4 row repeat which when you get into it, will be great. I love it and the colour you've chosen. Pretty cross stitching too.

  4. Las mantas se ven muy bien al igual que el bordado y has hecho compras estupendas. BESICOS.

  5. I dread the cloudy, dark days too. I need sunshine in my day. You’ve made great progress on your blanket. The stocking will be a fun project.

    1. It is yet another dark and gloomy day here. I am looking forward to working on the new stocking.

  6. We've had a cold AND snowy January, which has made our neighborhood walks iffy, too! I'm definitely missing the sunshine. Looks like you're making good progress on all of your projects. The new stocking for Natalie is going to be adorable!

  7. Sunshine makes all the difference on a cold wintry day, doesn't it? I hope the sun makes an appearance this week so you can stitch those hard-to-see pieces. You certainly have some lovely pretties in the works. Yes, the little bear on the Birth Announcement is adorable and Natalie's Christmas stocking is lovely. It looks as if there would be some lovely designs within the covers of your new book.

  8. So lovely to have grand babies to spoil with handmade gifts. Great progress on all fronts this week. Natalie’s stocking pattern is cute. Enjoy your stitching! Gail at the cozy quilter


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