Sunday, May 16, 2021

A finish and some flowers

 I have finished the Bobble Baby Blanket! Isn't it pretty? 

I am so glad that I purchased this yarn and decided to make this blanket on a whim. No, there is nobody expecting in my family. I have decided to keep this blanket to either save for one of my own future grandchildren or give to a little one I meet along the way or eventually donate. For now it is residing in a closet with the Butterfly Baby blanket.

I have already begun another crocheted baby blanket. I made this about 16 years ago for a friend's baby and vowed I would make one for a future grandchild. Again there isn't one on the way yet. I want to be prepared.

Isn't that elephant so adorable? 

I also planted the flowers for my front porch pots. I had thought I would change things up this year, but I returned to my tried and true geraniums and sweet potato vine. I do think that they look pretty. I have plenty more plants to pot today. Yesterday was spent washing the windows in my living room.

I also planted the pots on Mom's front stoop. These were her Mother's day gift from me. 

I just have to show you the beautiful japanese azalea that my mom has.

My hyacinth were so pretty a couple of weeks ago. 

My azaleas are blooming also.

Still waiting for the coral colored one to come into full bloom, but the lavender and the pink are putting on a show though.
I added many stitches to Santa. 

I have been working on the red and some pale blue in the hat's trim. I am really enjoying adding stitches to this.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site and see what other bloggers are stitching. Today I will be planting my pots, but I hope to stop and add more Santa stitches this afternoon.

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  1. Oh the blanket is beautiful , so are your flowers .
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. The Bobble Baby Blanket is precious! Such a beautiful pattern in the prettiest of yarns. Love that sweet elephant; perfect for a baby blanket. Just look at those pretty flowers in pots; and your azaleas are looking a treat. Azaleas are always stunning when in full bloom. It looks as if spring is performing beautifully there. You have done a lot of stitching on your Santa. He is a jolly fellow.

  3. The azaleas are amazing, we forget about them and then they flower. Absolutely stunning.

  4. Such beautiful flowers on the azaleas,! I have a pink one in our front garden. We gave my MIL flowers for her porch for Mother’s Day too, we also plant geraniums on our porch. My FIL used to grow geraniums for us from seed every year. Santa looks great and the baby blanket is very pretty. Looks like the new blanket will be a fun project too. Have a great day!

  5. Yeah! the elephant is perfect for a baby blanket, so pretty. You are smart, when baby is on the way the blankets will be ready ready. I love geranium and azalea flowers. Great progress with Santa's cross stitch. Have a wonderful week, Cathy.

  6. Your azaleas are beautiful, and your geranium pots look very happy! I need to do that for my mom, too. The bobble baby blanket is a cute design! Looks like you're really enjoying your crochet projects.

  7. A very pretty blanket you finished! And I'm intrigued by the new elephant pattern. Always good to have baby gifts on hand. Happy Stitching!

  8. Your blankets are darling. It must rain plenty where you live to keep your garden so pretty. Santa's twinkle sure shows in that design.

  9. The little Bobble Blanket is precious and great start on the new one you are working on. Nothing wrong with being prepared. Your flowers are so lovely which reminds me that I do need to get a sweet potato vine. Have a lovely week.

  10. The blanket turned out beautifully! The elephant will be adorable too. I’m loving seeing your Santa come together. He is stunning. The flowers are so pretty. It’s nice to see everything blooming again.

  11. so much progress! the blanket is beautiful!


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