Sunday, May 9, 2021

When it Rains

 Happy Mother's Day! 

I am so happy that our son is visiting us this weekend. He actually planned this visit not only for Mother's Day, but to give me a hand as Hubby had hernia surgery on Thursday. Hubby came through the surgery wonderfully and was feeling great all the rest of the day Thursday and most of Friday. He was walking around just fine and having no trouble getting up and down from the couch or even walking up and down the stairs to our second floor. I was even able to leave him for a half hour each day to take a quick visit to mom. Then the nerve block that was used wore off Friday evening and the pain and discomfort began in earnest on Saturday. Thankfully our son drove up yesterday morning so I have some help. He or I can help out my mom or Hubby's mom if necessary. Mother's Day will be quite low key today. 

Now for the 2nd story about Thursday. Hubby is showering to get ready for his 7:45 am surgery appointment. I had just finished showering and was on the first floor gathering a water bottle and the newspaper. I hear a "click, click, click" which turned out to be a "drip, drip, drip" of water from the top of the window in the downstairs bathroom to the bottom. Now this window is directly below the shower in our bathroom and there was a puddle forming. Needless to say there wasn't much I could do except dry up the puddle and leave a towel on the windowsill at the time. This did manage to distract Hubby from some of the anxiety he was feeling about the surgery though. After a plumber's visit on Friday, it turns out that the drain pipe has dislodged (I thought the problem had to do with the water regulator as I now have to turn the handle all the way up to get hot water. I was worried that the tiles that we recently - two weeks ago - had regrouted would now have to be busted up.) The plumber will hopefully be able to fix the drain pipe this coming week from the outside of the house through the overhang. He will also be changing the regulator for the hot tile busting needed. 

Now about the 2nd story about our son's visit. Unfortunately his car was rear-ended in traffic on a local parkway in Brooklyn about 30 miles from home. The damage isn't much thankfully and our son wasn't at all injured. The car that hit him wasn't registered. On a better note, my son gave me this beautiful hanging basket of flowers for Mother's Day. 

On Friday, the deck guys came to replace some boards and part of the railing cap as well as seal the deck against water. All of our patio furniture as well as our grill are currently on our back lawn.

Speaking of the back lawn...a bunny decided last Sunday to start burrowing to make a nest right in the middle of it. Now this must be a first time mother bunny as our back lawn is right out in the open. Needless to say, after checking the area for possible babies, we discouraged Miss Bunny from continuing her burrowing by covering the area with an overturned garbage pail. We saw her hopping around the yard later this week. Hopefully she found a more suitable place for her nest. 

On Tuesday I realized that the air-conditioning in my car wasn't working. Hubby had noticed a leak under my car when it was parked in the driveway that we knew wasn't oil. My car went in for repair on Wednesday and is all fixed now. It is 15 years old and I think it is getting to be time for a new one. I had the same air-conditioning problem last summer.

So you can see, the past week has been a case of "When it rains, it pours".

Despite all that going on this past week, I did manage to get a bunch of stitching in on my secret project. Here is a little peek. 

I am filling in the half-cross stitch background on the upper half of this piece. Once these stitches are completed the upper half will be complete except for backstitching which I will leave until the end. I am making steady progress, but I can't work on this over the weekend while my son is here.

That means Santa will be getting all the attention for the next few days. I really enjoy working on Santa, because I get to stitch large swaths of one color each time. 

I added some stitches to his hat since my last update.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I will be taking care of Hubby, visiting with our son, stitching Santa and maybe planting some flowers. That is for another post.

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Oh my , you do need a bit of fun time with your stitching .
    What a week ! it can only get better from now on .
    Hope your hubby is feeling much better.
    Hugs .

  2. gosh you sure had one thing after another! that is weird how that happens. Hope you husband is now feeling a bit better and I bet it was really nice having your son around to help out a little - sorry about his car!

  3. Oh no!! Cathie, I would say it has been raining in torrential downpours at your place. Goodness, this coming week has to be better...surely. Just as well your son is there to give you and your husband support. Hoping everything gets sorted without too much trouble or expense. Hoping too, that your husband is feeling better with each day. Your sweet Santa just gets cheerier and cheerier. Enjoy some lovely stitching today and enjoy your day with your son.

  4. You have ad a trying week. Good thing your son is there to help out. Glad everything is getting fixed...hopefully this is the end of your repairs for a while. Glad that your son was not hurt in the car accident. Santa is looking very jolly and the secret stitching is so pretty. Hope this coming week is much better. Happy Mother’s Day.

  5. PS...I hope your husband is feeling better every day!

  6. What a week Cathy! Hope your husband is felling better.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  7. Oh my, an eventful week at your house! I hope your hubby is getting better each day. It's always a surprise when the nerve block wears off! So glad your son can be there with you to help and that he is okay after the accident. Enjoy your Sunday, Cathie!

  8. Happy Mother's Day Cathie! Hope this week goes better for your entire family, and there are no more repairs needed!

  9. Wow you have had an up and down week. The main thing is your husband is on the mend! Hopefully no more unwanted surprises next week.

  10. Well, you are right. It was pouring at your house. These things comes in groups, so that means you have free sailing for a few weeks! :-)

  11. goodness! I am glad your son is okay and that your husband's surgery went well. Those nerve blocks are pretty darn good!! Let's hope this is the end of the unexpected and you can sail through a few weeks with sheer boredom. Glad you got to see your son!


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