Sunday, March 31, 2024

Slow Sunday Stitching

Happy Easter!

I hope you are celebrating with family and friends. We will be staying home just the two of us. 

There certainly hasn't been much stitching going on around here this past week. Last Sunday, Hubby and I were on a plane returning from CA. We had spent 3 days with our son and his family and enjoyed lots of snuggles and play with our grandson. I brought my Pumpkin House cross-stitch with me. I made some progress on the two flights and when our grandson was napping. 

 I added most of the red stitching at home this week.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, but I realized on the flight home that I was getting sick. I had a slight cough and a post nasal drip. I figured I was getting a cold.  Well, I have been sick all this week. That cold turned into an ear and sinus infection. I started antibiotics Thursday after I paid the doctor a visit. Later that day I came down with pinkeye also. (Our 9 month old grandson was being treated for this while we were there). Hubby came down sick Sunday night and went to the doctor on Wednesday as he gets ear infections lately with every cold.  I spent most of this week just lazing around reading or in bed. Didn't feel like doing much crafting at all.  As of Saturday afternoon, I had finally started feeling better, though a late afternoon coughing fit had me taking another dose of the OTC cough med. This is the main reason that Easter will be very low key this year. I am not even sure what I will be making for dinner. I haven't been to the grocery store since before our trip. Hubby picked up milk, potatoes, a rotisserie chicken and a couple of other small items one day. We've been having lots of take-out.

Speaking of groceries, have you ever tried storing berries in glass containers. I don't know what I was thinking, but I bought a bunch of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries a little less than a week before our trip to CA. I didn't want to pack them for the trip so I placed the strawberries in a mason jar and the blackberries and raspberries together in a glass storage container. I have read that the berries last a long time when stored like this.

This is how they looked when we got home. As fresh as the day I bought them. I am still using them on my cereal today. I will be storing my berries this way from now on. 

Since I wasn't feeling well and my eye was bothering me, I didn't want to work on anything that required thought so I finally made the Tweety latch hook into a pillow. I took some Tweety fabric that I had purchased and made two rectangles with one long end hemmed on each and hand sewed them to the back of the latchhook as I didn't want to ruin any machine needles trying to sew over the thick latch hook canvas. The two rectangles overlap on the back making it easy to swap out the pillow if needed.

It will sit on the daybed in my daughter's old room.

I think it looks adorable. That's another item off of the UFO list.

Does anyone know what these tools are used for?

 I was going through a storage box that I had and found them at the bottom. I think the small pointed oval is a tatting shuttle, but the others have me stumped....especially the scissors with the screw detail (it is hard to see in this photo, but it is by the bottom finger hole).

I will be joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. 

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  1. Sorry to hear you have both been under the weather. My husband has had the same things over the last couple of weeks. Thankfully, I avoided getting sick. I hope you are feeling better soon and can get back to your stitching. So nice to have snuggles with your little grandson! Happy Easter. Gail at the Cozy quilter

  2. it is never nice feeling like you are coming down with something when you are on your home - but at least it was on the way home not the beginning of the trip

  3. I love old sewing tools! You're correct about the tatting shuttle. The scissors are for cutting buttonholes. You adjust the screw so the scissors stop just before the edge of the buttonhole, so you don't cut past the buttonhole stitching. It's amazing that such a useful tool is no longer in use. jpbnaldenatgmaildotcom

    1. Thanks for the info on the scissors. I would never have realized what they were for.

  4. So glad you got to visit your grandson, but sorry it resulted in getting sick on the way home. I got pink eye once when I was still teaching and it was miserable! Tweety Bird is adorable, though - a fun finish! Those tools are interesting - was your mom a dressmaker? My mom sewed all of our clothes growing up and I think she had a little ruler like that where the little thing slides back and forth to mark a spot. I might even have that around here somewhere!

  5. Hope you are feeling back to normal soon. I have never heard about storing berries like that, but I am going to try it. Thanks so much for the tip.

  6. Sorry to read that both you and your husband haven't been well this week. Wonderful though you were able to enjoy those days with your grandson; so special. Tweety Bird is fabulous! Your cushion makes me smile! I didn't know storing berries in glass jars helps to keep them longer. Thanks for the tip. Happy Easter to you and your husband, Cathie. Hoping you are both feeling much better.

  7. Your tweety bird cushion is adorable. So sorry to read that you and hubby have been unwell do hope you are starting to feel better very soon.

  8. I hope you feel better soon. My grands are ALWAYS sick and I worry about catching things because when I do I am so so so ill and it takes forever for me to recover.

  9. You have been busy ,
    Have a good week hugs June.

  10. Cathie - my husband has been sick with a cold for over a week, and I have managed to avoid it so far by washing my hands a lot and not kissing him! Hope your recovery is speedy! My days are going by so quickly that I don't seem to find the time to do any stitching. Sigh. Thanks for the tip on the berries - I always seem to be picking through them to find the few that are fungus-y! Joining you from Slow Sunday Stitching!

  11. OH my, so happy you enjoyed your trip but terrible now that you are unwell. But you are on top of it, the two of you taking care of each other. Tweety Bird is so cute, and any stitches laid represent progress in my book. I've never heard of the mason jar storage idea either and will definitely be using it. Thanks for mentioning it. Esp with the cost of fresh food these days, can't afford to lose any of it.


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