Sunday, March 10, 2024

Another UFO is done!

Yay! I finished stitching the apron. This UFO is off the list.

Please excuse the wrinkles. I still have to wash and iron it. I'm a little worried about the maroon floss running, but I will use a Color Catcher or two.

I decided that I needed another small piece to work on as Three Boats and the Log Cabin Star quilt are big. This cross-stitch is for me. It is the first of the Pumpkin House series. What you can see are the two windows on the right of the house.

I also finished the puzzle that I was working on. 

It has all of its pieces and I won't want to make it again so I have boxed it up, sealed the boxed and wrote on the bottom the date that it was last completed and that all the pieces are accounted for.

We had one, only one, nice day this week...warm and sunny. Hubby and I took advantage of the nice day and went for a walk in the local preserve. There were a whole lot of geese, a few ducks and a swan on the lake.

Hopefully there will be some more sunny warm days soon. 

I have started reading the book my daughter gave me for Christmas.

This is a new author for me. So far I am enjoying her writing.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I need to give Three Boats some attention today. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice job on the apron! The colour catcher is a good idea with that burgundy thread. How was your daughter’s visit? Your little granddaughter must be getting busy! I like the new cross stitch project! Gail at the cozy quilter

  2. I've heard of the book but haven't read it - is it a movie too?

  3. Wrinkles excused. Sometimes we need a break from a large project. Lovely puzzle scene. Let us know your opinion of the book.

  4. Congratulations on finishing up the apron! I hope it washes up well for you. Your new stitch looks like an enjoyable one. I liked that book, too! And there's a sequel you'll want to read after you finish this one.

  5. Beautiful stitching! Looks like a lovely place for a walk. Happy stitching!

  6. Hi Cathie, that's a lovely apron. Colour Catchers should keep it from running.

  7. I adore your apron! Terrific finish! And that puzzle is a beauty! So rewarding when all the pieces are actually there!

  8. That's a lot of stitching on your apron is it for you, or a gift maybe?

  9. The apron is lovely, I hope it didn't run when you washed it. That's a lovely jigsaw, I like to hang some of mine, I can't bear to break them up. Enjoy your new stitching.

  10. Your stitching ig looking great , the puzzle looks hard .
    Well done , enjoy your new week hugs June.

  11. I wish I could send you our nice days! Today is going to be near 70 and minimal winds. May it be heading your way!!


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