Sunday, February 11, 2024

Valentine's Day Crafting

Hubby and I don't do much to celebrate Valentine's Day. We get each other cards. I get him a box of chocolate and he gets me a bouquet of flowers. I usually try to make a special dinner. Hubby's birthday is the day before and mine is the end of the month so Valentine's Day is low-key. I don't have many Valentine themed crafts around. I designed and stitched the pillow that is currently in the header photo. The little pillow from Little House Needleworks below hangs on a cupboard door all year long, but it goes with the holiday theme.

This fabric heart wreath I made many, many years ago when I used to sell at craft shows.
This small ribbon wreath was made for shows also.
I think my daughter may have helped me make this little hanger when I was trying to get her interested in quilting. Again, many years ago.

 This year I decided I needed a couple more Valentine themed craft items around. You may remember last month when I made the phone jack cover. Well I had bought two different wooden houses at Dollar Tree. I decorated the second house for Valentine's Day.

I used felt, puff paint, scrap ribbons and some pompoms. All of which were in my crafting stash. Again, the black plaid wooden house only cost $1.

As you know, I have been doing some organizing in my basement, which entails going through years and years worth of craft magazines. I am keeping some, recyling some (that I have cut out the few craft instructions that I want) and donating some. As I was perusing one issue of Crafting Traditions I found this little heart and decided to stitch up my own version. Again, I used scraps that I have.

It was quick and easy to make. Just the kind of craft I was looking for. Here it is hanging on the corner cabinet in my kitchen.

I went back to working on my daughter's quilt and was able to finish the 5 blocks that were giving me fits. I have 121 of 196 completed. I also started on the next 10 blocks.

I have actually already added two more logs to these since I took the photo. 

I have been in a baking mode. Don't ask me why as I usually give half of my baking to my mother-in-law and freeze most of the other half. Hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth (except for chocolate) and I really don't need all the calories. I do have tons and tons of clipped recipes though that I want to try so I have been baking.

The first was a Cranberry Orange cake. Although it was made using cake flour and baked in a tube pan, it was really more like a quick bread.

Next I made Oatmeal Raisin Breads. These were yeast breads that came out quite dense.

They were tasty, but nothing special. I also made a new corn bread recipe to go with chicken barley soup. No photos of these. The soup recipe turned out great and is a keeper. The corn bread was tasty, but also nothing special. I guess you could say that I purged two recipes and found two that we like a lot.

It seems that I have been pretty busy this month.  

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Happy birthday to both of you! Valentine’s Day is low key around here too and that’s ok. We do special things for each other all the time. You have lots of fun hearts around your house. Y seams can be a pain but the end result will be worth it in the end. Keep sewing!! I also love baking but don’t do much of it. I made muffins this week for a friend who is sick. Take care. Gail at the cozy quilter

  2. The quick and easy crafted heart is perfect. Simple yet too cute! Downsizing in the basement continues at my house as well. When overwhelmed or discouraged, I set a timer for 15 minutes. Over the course of a week all the 15 min add up to a good chunk of time. Past issues of Quilters Newsletter were donated last year. I kept five mags yet rarely look at them.

  3. Great projects and tasty bakes! We do not do Valentines either, funny how some people do. Have a wonderful February and beautiful birthday celebrations.

  4. I do not make themed crafts except for Christmas most times - I might have one Halloween piece. I love to bake but hubby is really trying to cut back so I don't make much anymore besides bread and I freeze it a lot so that we only take out what we need that day. I bought some small cake pans so that I can cut the recipe in half and also a bundt pan that has 6 small compartments - that way I can make cake and freezer them and only take out mini's

  5. The cranberry orange cake looks yummy!

  6. Very pretty Valentine's Day decorations!

  7. So many gorgeous heart lovelies to enjoy. The Cranberry Orange cake looks so yummy and I must not forget the Oatmeal Raisin Bread. Have a lovely day.

  8. You have lots of pretty little Valentine's Day hearts in your home. We don't buy gifts for each other, and if we dont have a meal out, I like to do something special at home. But this year we are meeting friends for lunch on Valentine's Day, so that will be nice.

  9. Your heart decorations are so cute, Cathie! It's fun to make things like that. Way to go on your log cabin blocks, too - you're getting there! Your baking looks yummy!

  10. Those heart touches for Valentine's are lovely. Chocolate and flowers are always a perfect gift. We don't really decorate down here for Valentine's Day. It's definitely an American thing. Keep going on your daughter's quilt; it's coming along beautifully.

  11. You have been a busy bee Cathy , cakes looked yummy .
    and love all your heart goodies .
    Have a fun week hugs June.

  12. Happy Valentines Day, I love all your hearts and your cake looks yummy and it sounds healthy orange and cranberry yum!
    Thank you for your blog visit and yes you could be right, I do have neck and shoulder problems, I'm just wishing they would hurry with that appointment. Have a great week ahead.

  13. Happy Valentine's day!! lovely seeing your decorations.


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