Sunday, February 18, 2024

Another UFO finish

I have finally finished the cross-stitch box that was a birthday gift 4 years ago. It is a wooden box with a perforated top. 

It used a whole lot of floss to stitch as the top is about 1/4 inch thick. I also broke 2 needles in the process. I found this pattern online. I may still glue a piece of fabric or felt to the back of the motif as it was difficult to secure some of the ends. 

Speaking of birthdays, Hubby's was the day before Valentine's Day. We had snow that day so he met with his university students via Zoom. This was the view from our front window. It was a heavy wet snow that clung to the tree branches.

I bought Hubby's favorite Entenmann's Chocolate Fudge cake and lit some candles.

I spent part of the snowy day adding logs to the next 10 blocks of the Log Cabin Star quilt.

I have one more plain log to add before getting to the two frustrating logs and y-seam. I hope to have these blocks finished by the end of the week. 

 Snowy days are good for reading also. I recently read "Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend" by Robert James Waller.

 This was another of my mother's books. I have two more of hers yet to read. I would not recommend this book. It wasn't really bad, just not very interesting or compelling. I could put it down and not really care to find out what the next chapter was about. 

I am now reading "A Miracle for St. Cecelia's" by Karen Valentine. 

So far it is fairly interesting and I am looking forward to reading each chapter. This is one of the books that I picked up for free at the Traveler's Restaurant in Union, CT. So far, I have chosen well when we dine there.

I also decided to work on one of the puzzles that I took from my mom's house when she passed. I would like to donate some of them, but I want to know that each one has all of its pieces. This puzzle went together fairly quickly and even had an extra piece. 

I am not sure if that piece goes to one of the other puzzles or was always an extra so I have put it aside. I will seal this puzzle box and make a note on the bottom of the day that it was recently completed and that it is not missing any pieces as of that day. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching.  I will be working on Three Boats....update next week.

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  1. Your little sew happy box is really nice! Glad your husband had a good birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! The wooden box will make a nice addition to your sewing room. I have cross stitched on wood before too…it does use a lot of thread! We are working on a sewing store puzzle at the moment. Good luck with your next set of y seams! Gail at the cozy quilter

  3. you must wonder at times if winter will ever go away and then of course I remember you are used to it in the north but I'm sure you are ready for spring too

  4. That wooden box project is really neat, and hooray for a finish! Happy Birthday to your hubby, too. That cake looks yummy! Enjoy your day - whether you're reading, puzzling, or stitching!

  5. That little sew happy box is so cute. Happy Birthday to your hubby, the snow looks beautiful out of your window but better to be inside rather than out.

  6. What a good idea to complete the jigsaw puzzles to ensure all the pieces are there before donating them. It's frustrating to have missing pieces. Your little box with the cross stitch is both useful and pretty. All that snow makes for beautiful photos, though you've probably seen enough of it by now.

  7. Mmmm, chocolate fudge birthday cake sounds delicious. That's such a pretty cross stitch design on your little wooden box.

  8. happy birthday to your Mister! How nice to finish a four year old project, that is satisfying! We have snow but it will be gone in a few days since we are heading to a mild warm up.

  9. I have never seen anything like your stitched box! Such a pretty design - well done! Enjoy your stitching and puzzling!

  10. You have been busy , love the stitched box , great puzzle .
    Love the photo of the snow , and wishing your hubby a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Hugs June.


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