Sunday, August 16, 2020

Page 1 completed!

I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I just had to go for it. This is where I was the last time that I showed a Three Boats update.

Well, I just couldn't leave that little bit of white around the edges of that page. Mind you, those few stitches involved over 10 different floss colors. I finished them on Tuesday to get to here:
Page 1 is done! Woohoo!

I have since added several more stitches. I am on a roll.
I am working a swath of black again, but I don't mind at all after all the confetti stitches needed to finish page 1. 

Hubby and I enjoyed a short visit from our son. 
It was hot enough to enjoy a dip in the pool. They were also able to get in 9 holes of golf while he was here.

I have picked up my Breezy Infinity Scarf again. I've been adding a couple of rows each day. 
It is lace-weight crochet and hard on my hands, but I would really like to finish it. The color is much more a greenish teal than this picture shows. 

I have added a few light green grass stitches to October Morning.

I made a mistake with the light green just below the church and used two different colors on some of the stitches. I was going to frog it, but it would require much more effort than I was willing to put in. I made a design decision and decided it really didn't bother me and I would rather just move forward. This has been such a long term WIP, I just didn't want to go backwards. I don't think anyone but me would notice it.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. I will probably be adding more stitches to Three Boats. I'm on a roll with it now. 

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  1. A few stitches with 10 different floss, that is a lot. You have the patience of a saint! Lovely scarf; you might be needing that soon. =) Sometimes the mistakes we make with our stitching is as if it was always meant to be. Just like your Three Boats, your October Morning is looking wonderful. How lovely you were able to enjoy a visit from your son. Nice too, there was swimming to cool down on those hot summer days of yours.

  2. Hey Cathie, I am so glad your son got to come for a visit :) I love all the cross stitching and crochet you are sharing today... congrats on page 1 done and on the design decision on the other project... Do you like the printed cross stitch as much as counted designs? Kathi

  3. It is good to get on a roll. Such tiny and close together cross stitches on both projects. Wise choice to continue on with Oct morn. In real life grass is different shades anyway. Nice you had quality family time.

  4. Fun to see your progress on Three Boats! The detail on that one is so amazing! Your scarf is so pretty - love the color.

  5. Great project. I enjoy seeing your progress on the boats, and lovely color for your infinity scarf!

  6. It seems ages since I saw your three boats, what a lot of progress you've made. Great to finish page 1 (how many pages are there?) I agree with you if you can live with your colour choices why rip it out. Your crochet scarf is lovely.

  7. Cathie: Three Boats is really coming along, you are on a roll.
    Your scarf is beautiful.
    October Morning is showing great progress.
    How wonderful you were able to spend time with your son.
    Both your guys are so handsome.


  8. congrats!! so nice you saw your son!!! I took for granted all the times I saw my kids and now I long for more visits!

  9. Congrats on one page finished!
    Glad you made a design decision to just accept the green as it was! Enjoy your stitching!
    Thanks for taking the time to link up with the Slow Sunday Stitchers!

  10. Congratulations on the page finish! It sounds like a fun visit with your son, too!


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