Sunday, April 26, 2020

Knitting and reading bliss

Update, my mom is home and getting healthy. The initial test came back fine. It appears she has an upper GI tract problem that is causing some bleeding that wasn't helped by her blood-thinner. I am so grateful for all your prayers and well-wishes. 

I have been happily knitting away on my Butterfly Baby Blanket. 
I love the way it looks.

I also finished reading my latest book, The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs.
The Oysterville Sewing Circle
  I really liked this book. I had trouble putting it down. It starts with a few sad occurrences, but it becomes a very uplifting story with a nice ending. 

I put a few stitches on Jingle this week. I started the last word " Ye". I really want to finish it soon.

Spring is here and the bunnies have returned to our back yard. This one just wouldn't look my way.
I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think I will try to finish all the red stitching on Jingle today and possibly make a few more mask so that everyone has two.

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  1. Glad your mom is on the mend... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that butterfly knit project you are working on! Thanks for the book recommendation :) Kathi

  2. glad your mom is feeling better - love that baby blanket

  3. Good news about your mom! The blanket is really moving along for you!

  4. Love the sound of that book:) There is plenty of time for reading books right now… And your Xmas-stitching is lovely!

  5. Glad to hear the news about your mom. Your blanket and stitchery are lovely!

  6. Thrilled to read about your Mum such good news. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  7. That blanket is a pretty combination of colors! I love Susan Wiggs, but don't think I've read that one. Will have to put it on my list!

  8. It is certainly good news that your mum is home again. Pretty baby blanket too. I don't know Susan Wiggs, I will have to take a look in the library catalogue for something of hers.

  9. Great news about your Mum. Your baby blanket knitting is super cute

  10. Cathie: I am so happy your Mother is home, I hope she gets the perfect care at home.
    Lovely butterfly blanket, so pretty.
    Jungle is coming along nicely.
    Silly bunny, some may be camera shy.
    Stay Healthy


  11. Thank God your mom is okay and you can go back to your baseline of worrying, instead of the amped up kind which is draining. I love your blanket immensely!!


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