Sunday, April 5, 2020

Crafting and Baking

I cleaned off my sewing machine table and came across a UFO that just needed to be framed. It is a small piece that I stitched a few years ago, but hadn't decided how to finish. I went online and found a YouTube video that taught how to lace your needlework. I decided to learn a new technique on a small piece and then use a frame that I had on hand.
First I laced the long sides and folded in the short ones.
Next the short sides were laced.
It is even and just the right tautness (is that a word?).
Here it is in just an ordinary 5"x7" frame.
It now resides in my son's room as he gave me the kit as a gift. Isn't it adorable.
I have also made some progress on Three Boats. 
There is a whole lot of black still to stitch.

I have been filling up some of my days with baking. My MIL loves pound cake.
I have never made a pound cake before, but I had a Betty Crocker cookbook that had a recipe for Sour Cream Pound Cake with a Blueberry alternative so that is what I made. 
My MIL loves anything with blueberries. I tried a slice and it was really good. MIL liked it too.

That same day I made Nestle Toll House cookies. 
These are my absolute favorite cookie. I think I will be making them a lot now that we are home providing I can buy chocolate chips and flour.  I just have to limit myself to no more than one or two a day. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think I will add some stitches to Jingle today.

Stay safe, stay healthy and STAY HOME!

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  1. You have been baking up a storm. How cute is that sleeping pup!

  2. I can not make my husband limit himself to one or two cookies a day so I have not been able to bake real often - I would love to but he just has to eat them all immediately!! love your stitchery

  3. Your stitched puppy is adorable! I think a lot of people are baking right now. We couldn't get flour at the grocery store yesterday.

  4. I wish I liked baking cause I love to eat it! My mouth is watering!
    Great job on framing your stitchery... now everyone can enjoy it!

  5. Cathie: Your Bunny is adorable, I love the finish, the lacing works so well.
    I have never made a pound cake yours looks yummy, I have an old 45 year old Betty Crocker cookbook and a very old one which was printed before I was born, I need to look at them again.
    Toll House cookies are the best, I gave up all baked goods for Lent, next Sunday I will be able to have asweet, yahoo.

  6. Wow, those cookies and cake look good!

    The framed stitching looks lovely and your new project looks hard work! Looking forward to seeing its progress. At least you have plenty of time to work on it now

    Stay safe and healthy

  7. Great work on framing your stitchery! Your baked goods look yunny!

  8. That is a cute cross stitch, and the framing looks good. Yummy cake and cookies. It would be hard for me to only eat one or two!

  9. I think a lot of us have been doing lots of baking during our enforced stay at home. Flour is in short supply here, but I do have some in the pantry, however I would like to replace it before I run out! Ive also tried several new recipes for dinner recently. Your cookies and loaf look yummy!

  10. I have been an avid cross stitcher in the past... not recent... but I have never heard of lacing your fabric together ... it is genius though! Thanks for sharing Cathie :) I love the cross stitch your son picked too! Enjoy that good eating ... blueberry loaf bread is one of my favorites too and I have some cookie dough made up in the fridge.. I need to make some up today! lol Thanks for the fun visit here Cathie :D Kathi

  11. The puppy is so cute. Nice find. I don't understand how you stitch the lacing thing without it going through and ruining your actual piece. I've not heard of this method before, will have to do some googling. The bread looks good, but I'm not a baker, plus years and flour are now almost as hard to get as toilet paper. About 3 wks ago, when hubby was shopping and couldn't get bread, he thought he'd get yeast feeling sure I probably had flour at home. Yeast was not to be had. Stay well.

  12. Very cute puppy. I've never seen a piece laced like that, but it makes really good sense to to do it that way. Congrats on spending your time learning something new and baking new to you stuff too. My Guy is baking more now that we are home. Good thing they said that exercise is considered an "essential" activity!

  13. lovely little cross stitch picture!! I have been making banana nut bread and chocolate chip cookies as my go to sweets. Good thing I walk every single day!!

  14. What a perfect finish for your darling cross-stitch!


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