Sunday, April 23, 2023

Enjoying a whole lot of stitching time.

I am thoroughly enjoying the pace of my life right now. Retirement is allowing me to stitch when I please, work around the house when I please...not very often, and read when I please. Of course, I find that I have to be sure to get a daily walk in and try to eat in a more healthy way. I have gained some weight that I want/need to lose as my back is starting to cause pain in my knee. All that being said, this is what I have been stitching lately. 

I have been adding pieces to my granddaughter's Christmas stocking. 15 out of 93 steps are completed.

You can see that the snowman is starting to come to life.

On rainy or nasty days, I spend some time in my basement where my sewing machine is. I am working blocks 82-91 out of 196. 

Sometimes the logs just sew on very easily and other times I have to spend some time with the seam ripper. I very rarely add a log to all ten blocks without having to remove at least one or two. Sometimes more.

I am almost finished with the first of two embroidered bibs. I just have to finish the stitching on the pup. 

Finally, I started a new project. Of course I did. Well, I had finished both baby blankets and I wanted another yarn project. You really can't blame me for wanting to feel yarn in my hands with so may sewing projects. Now can you? I was going through my mothers yarn and found three skeins of this baby yarn. Just enough to make a baby sweater. Mom also had a few baby sweater pattern books and pamphlets. 

I found a boat neck pullover pattern that seemed easy enough to knit. I am making a size 2 for my granddaughter. I figure making a larger size will give me enough time to finish it. I made a whole lot of progress on it in the car traveling to see my daughter and her family last weekend and pulled almost the whole thing out on Friday. You see, the ribbing calls for the knit stitches to be done in the back loop. I did that and was very proud of myself. Unfortunately, for the body of the sweater the knit stitches are supposed to be the usual kind and I kept on working in the back loop. I thought the pattern didn't look as it should, but I only realized it when I was getting ready to work the armhole shaping. Sigh.....

I updated my progress on my daughter-in-law's stocking in my last post that you can see here. I have started cleaning some windows around the house. This is the first year that I am really not finding satisfaction in this task. I usually approach it with gusto and this year I just don't want to do it. 

Hubby and I made our first after-dinner trip to the beach of the season to walk the boardwalk. We saw a very pretty sunset.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. I am also linking to Nina-Marie at Creations...Quilts, Art...Whatever. Pop on over to their sites to see what other bloggers are stitching. 

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  1. Love the stocking so cute .
    You sound like a busy bee with all your Knitting and stitching you have started , Have fun hugs June.

  2. We cleaned the windows last Sunday afternoon. They look so much better now! Retirement is agreeing with you! Is your husband retired too? Such a special stocking for your granddaughter. I have not done any knitting lately. I have one project mostly done but will likely be taking it out and starting again…too many mistakes . Enjoy your week!

  3. Last comment from Gail at the Cozy Quilter

  4. after dinner walks at the beach sounds lovely! it is nice having time to do things when you want to and not only after work is done.

  5. So glad you are enjoying retirement. I love it, can work at my own pace.

  6. I love retirement, but housework is never at the top of the to-do list! A daily walk always sounds good, though - especially if you can walk by the beach. The Christmas stocking for your granddaughter looks like it will be adorable, and the sweater, too! Nice that you can use some of the craft supplies from your mom's stash.

  7. Lovely projects you are working on. I would love an after dinner walk on the beach!

  8. Walking by the beach and saw that gourgeous sunset is the best. I am counting the days to travel to the beach again. The felt stocking is looking prittiest each new week.

  9. It's always a good idea to knit a baby item a little bigger than you think. Babies certainly do grow so quickly, and that is pretty yarn you are using. You are up to 15 out of 93 steps for the sticking, wow! I think I'd rather not know with those kind of numbers, it I was making this. As always, I love your embroidered bibs.

  10. I knew retirement would suit you, you have so many crafting hobbies to keep you inspired and engaged!! Lovely work.

  11. Greetings Cathie: I love retirement except for the few pounds I gain.
    I like the stocking so much, I have never done one with felt but am inclined to do so, I like how the pieces are numbered.
    The quilt is moving along, the colors are lovely, oh my the bib is so cute.
    I am not a knitter or crocheter but love seeing your work.
    Beautiful sunset.


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