Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The rest of the California trip

The majority of my photos from our California trip were taken at the zoo, but we were there for a few more days. On Day 2 we traveled to Temecula for a wine tasting at Leoness Cellars. The view from our seats on the terrace was fantastic and the wines were quite tasty.

Afterwards we stopped at a local quilt store called Between Stitches. I bought a yard of the purple/orange fabric you see below and the fat quarter bundle of black/white/mustard. 

I have no idea what I will do with them yet, but they caught my eye and I will remember this trip when I use them.

Day 3 was a quiet day of relaxation at our son's apartment. We had plans to have dinner with our daughter-in-law's parents in Laguna Beach. We went to a restaurant called Las Brisas and had a wonderful meal outdoors with a view of the Pacific Ocean. 

Below are some views of Laguna Beach.

On Day 4 we spent the afternoon at Del Mar Racetrack. My husband is a huge horse racing fan. The quilt shop was my treat, the racetrack was my husband's treat. I didn't have a single winner all day, but everyone else had at least one small cash.

This is the saddling area.

This is a rear view of the racetrack building.
A view of the tote board from the stands.

The next day, Hubby and I went out to breakfast in Carlsbad while our son worked from home in the morning. The restaurant had trouble with their computer system and it took over 40 minutes for us to get our breakfast. We had eaten there on the first morning of our trip and the service was wonderful, so we knew this was unusual. The food was delicious though and the restaurant didn't charge us for it at all. We needed to kill some more time while our son was in a meeting so we walked around the town and down to the ocean.

That afternoon we flew home and our first true vacation in many, many years was over. I know we will be back out there sometime soon. The weather was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed visiting our son and daughter-in-law. I think we tired them out as they gratiously cooked dinner almost every night. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos from the rest of our trip.

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  1. Glad you had a nice time with family and vacation.

  2. it looks like you had a wonderful time - the scenery is beautiful. Always good to get in a vacation!

  3. Great photos ,of your trip.
    Tell your hubby I can look out my kitchen window and can see our local racing track .
    We live on the top of the hill and can see every thing for miles .

  4. so lovely! when our daughter and son in law were visiting and we took them out to a restaurant it took over ONE hour for our food - I must say we won't be eating there again!! I think they had staffing issues in the kitchen...

  5. Before I forget, love the header photo and the hand quilting in your last post too. So enjoyed this post. I was in California once to San Francisco for my first husband and my 25th wedding anniversary trip. We did lots of tours and loved everything we saw and marveled at how the coastline was very like Newfoundland's but everything so different due to the heat and climate. Love that you found a quilt shop too. How kind of your DIL and son to host you like that. Wonderful really. Glad you are home safe and sound too!


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