Saturday, August 13, 2022

California Trip - Day One

You may have been wondering why I was late to respond to your comments on the last two posts. Hubby and I went to California for 6 days to visit our son and daughter in law and have a little vacation.

On our first full day we went to the San Diego Zoo. 

Oh my is this zoo big! We walked over 6 miles that day. There is so much to see. The day was warm and eventually somewhat cloudy. 

Here are some monkeys.

 I didn't keep track of the correct name of each type.

The aviaries were by far the most fascinating. Trust me there were lots of birds who had very little fear of the humans in their space. My son had to duck a few times due to low-flying birds.

The nests were fascinating.

I know, you want to see some of those birds! This is a Senegal Laughing Dove. It truly makes a laughing sound.

I think this is the Blue Eared Glassy Starling.
Below is the White-Bellied Go Away bird. Its call is like the Bwoop-bwoop of a warning signal. I didn't realize the sound was coming from the bird at first.
Here are Hubby, Son and DIL.
There were some pretty flowers and ferns also.
Don't you love that heart shaped flower.

This little bear was sitting sweetly for us to see.
Some gazelles
and a giraffe
 and a zebra.
There was quite a variety of flamingos.
One decided to allow me to get a close up photo.
Can you see this adorable sleepy little fox?

This Cheetah was tired also.
A couple more monkeys/apes/baboons.

As I said, there were several aviaries. Here are some more birds.
Here the nests were holes in the rock wall.

And a few more birds.

An absolutely beautiful animal whose name I have forgotten. She stayed statue still for quite a while.
And of course, an elephant.
There were many, many more animals and birds, but I think I have shared enough. We skipped the reptile area. None of us were really interested. 
When we left, we stopped for appetizers and cocktails in the gas lamp area of San Diego at a restaurant called Barley Mash. We sat outside across the street from this interesting sight called the Yuma building.
We ended our first full day in California with dinner at our son's apartment. 
I will recount some more adventures in a future post.

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  1. my husband was at the San Diego zoo many, many years ago he says it was very large then!

  2. what fun! I haven't been there yet but it's a destination I'd like to go!


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