Sunday, June 12, 2022

A visit, flowers and stitching

Last weekend our daughter visited with her pup, Ruby. 

As you can see I took a lot of photos of Ruby.

We went down to Jones Beach one night to walk on the boardwalk. It was a little chilly.

This is probably our daughter's last visit to Long Island until after her baby is born.

I have made a decent amount of progress on the embroidered bib recently when visiting my mom. 

I have finished all of the blue and red. I just have green leaves and grass and the bottom half of the kitty.

I have also been doing a ton of black backstitching on Santa. I am going to run out of the black floss that came with the kit, but I have plenty of other black floss and a slight deviation of color (should there be any) won't show in backstitching. I have been working around the bow.

My garden and potted plants are looking quite lush. Look how many buds this tiger lily has. Wow!

The astilbe is blooming.

Coral bells, astilbe and hosta.
More hosta and astilbe.
This astilbe I planted only last year. It was an offshoot of one of my mom's many astilbe plants.
Tomatos, lettuce and some flowers.
I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I will be working on Santa. School is out in two weeks. I think Santa should be done by then and I can start something new and work on my daughter's quilt all summer. I can't wait.

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  1. Great post Cathy , love all the stitching, and Flowers .
    Also the family photos and the sweet puppy .
    Have a lovely Sunday. hugs June.

  2. Adorable bib. I love vintage stitcheries

  3. How nice to have a visit with daughter. Vintage embroidered bib is darling. You are right, different shade of black will be unnoticeable in the outline. More important to finish Santa.

  4. Cathie… really enjoyed this weeks post and that you got in one more visit with your daughter before the baby time is near! Ruby looks like she had fun too… your stitcheries are getting LOTS of progress and look awesome… your yard is looking amazing too!!! Unable to sign in but you know me well! My issue not yours… Kathi Clower

  5. I’m always thrilled with how back stitching really makes a counted cross stitch picture come to life. I bet you can’t wait for your summer break! When is the baby due? The bib is coming along nicely and your gardens are beautiful. Gail at the cozy quilter.

  6. The bib is almost finished as is Santa. Lovely family photos, including Ruby, of course. Your tiger lily is stunning. Have a great Sunday, Cathie.

  7. Yay for holidays. I bet you cannot wait! All that time to happily stitch your daughter's quilt; how lovely for you. A well deserved rest, I should think. The kitty is so sweet and I think slight variations in the black will only add to the whimsy of cheery Santa. Your daughter is looking well and happy. Time is marching on; before not too long you will be cuddling your little granddaughter. How exciting!

  8. your flowers and plants are looking wonderful and I will miss the updates on Santa when it is done :)

  9. Both Santa and the bib are coming along well. I love the way that backstitch makes a pictorial piece just come to life. Congrats and best wishes on the baby front!

  10. Santa is looking great. Great picture of you, your daughter and husband. The kitty stitching is lovely. Happy stitching and hope you have a great week!

  11. Sounds wonderful to have a visit with your daughter! Ruby looks like a sweet dog, too. Exciting times to be expecting that grandbaby! The embroidered bib is really darling.

  12. A new pup and a baby on the way, your daughter will be busy! Your precious embroidered bib will be a delightful gift to your new grandie.

  13. Looks like the pup fit right in. Love the cross-stitch, that is a lot of workl Cuuute bib. Thanks for showing all the pretty flowers.

  14. I am so glad you had a visit with her. I bet you cannot wait to meet your grandchild :) How very exciting days ahead!!

  15. What a nice visit! Your flowers all look so pretty too.

  16. That Santa is just so stunning! Elaine at


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