Sunday, May 29, 2022

Flowers and stitching

 I bought a whole lot of flowers to plant in pots a couple of weeks ago and I have been slowly doing just that. First the pots that go on my front porch.

I always plant geraniums with another flower or two as the porch faces south.
I planted some tomatoes and lettuce for the back deck.
I always plant marigolds with my food plants.
Hubby had yet to find my tomato cages when I took the photo above.
I bought a couple of new plant stands this year as my old white ones were rusty beyond repair.
I am trying dahlias for the first time this year. They are the center flower in each of these planters along with petunias and creeping jenny.
The irises in my garden are beautiful this year.
The salvia is just beginning to bloom. 
I have planted some other pots, but it is raining today so I can't get more photos.
I have been steadily working on the backstitching and beads for Santa.

He is looking more finished each day.
I have been working on the kitty bib a little bit each day when I visit my mom. 
I started working on the green shirt yesterday when I was with mom, but didn't take a photo. 

Please keep all the families in Buffalo, NY (my home state) and Uvalde, TX in your prayers. I truly wish there still was a ban on assault weapons.

Keep the people of Ukraine in your prayers also.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are up to.

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  1. Pretty pots certainly add a special something to the outside of the house. Love that little bib, so pretty.

  2. Great progress on Santa and the small bib gets prettier with each new week. Beautiful flowers in your garden, Cathie. So true the saying. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wasn't Maya Angelou a profound poet....writer?? So much prayer is needed for this world....for America♡ Love all the pretty flowers in those lovely pots. Geraniums are always a fabulous plant and it looks as if your dahlia is doing fabulously as there are flower buds to be seen. The irises are gorgeous. Those beads on 'Cheery Santa' add a bit of sparkle and the bib is adorable.

  4. I always plant geraniums in my pots, they don't mind being neglected! Your pots do look nice and those iris are beautiful. Santa is looking fantastic!

  5. Your flowers are so pretty! I got everything planted here this week, too - it's so nice to have things growing again. Santa is looking good! That's a great quote from Maya Angelou. I'm with you on the assault weapons.

  6. Very pretty! Enjoy adding stitches to Santa and the bib this week!

  7. Santa is looking great, as are your plants. I need to go out and repot some things today. I am with you on assault weapons. Hope you have a great week!

  8. I love all your containers with so many varieties of beautiful flowers and plants! Your Santa is almost done and the bib looks close too! When is your grand baby due to arrive???

  9. Your flowers are looking amazing, Cathie. Jolly ole St. Nick is looking fabulous as well. You certainly are moving along. The bib is as cute as a button. I have always had an affection for vintage looking designs. Have a great week.

  10. The flowers all look so pretty. Santa is continuing to impress me.

  11. Such pretty flowers . lovely Santa and Kitty is so cute .
    Have a fun week.

  12. Beautiful flowers and stitching! Have a great week. Gail at the Cozy quilter.

  13. I pray daily for the end of violence and world peace...Lovely flowers! I think my sister is going to help me do some pots, I have to see if that is really real. Love the kitty!


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