Sunday, August 22, 2021

Slow stitching for sure

 There wasn't much stitching going on this week that I can show you. I spent a lot of time on the secret stitching. I added a few stitches to Santa so that the bow has been filled in a little more from last week.

My daughter, son-in-law and their pup came to visit late Wednesday night. They had planned to stay until this morning, but Hurricane Henri is heading our way so they had to leave after an early dinner yesterday in order to get back to Boston before the storm hits. 

We visited Gardiner County park and walked down to the water. 

The park is very marshy and as a result was full of mosquitos. My daughter and I liberally sprayed ourselves with OFF, but she was still bitten.

Ruby enjoyed visiting our house.
My mother was very glad to see her also.

I made a couple of plum cakes. After giving my mom and my mother-in-law each 1/2 of a cake and after sharing the other one with the kids this is what is left.

I finished reading "74 Seaside Ave" by Debbie Macomber and I am about to start " The Dollhouse" by Fiona Davis. This book is on my Kindle, so if we lose electricity, I also have "The Guardian" by Nicolas Sparks in physical book form if necessary. I am really hoping the electricity stays on. I don't want to have a repeat of Superstorm Sandy where we had no electricity for over a week. Hubby and I spent part of today securing our outdoor furniture, potted plants and pool toys. We don't want anything blowing away. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think I will spend this rainy Sunday working on the secret stitching. 

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  1. I hope your power stays on and that the hurricane does not do too much damage. Sounds like a great day to work on your stitching. Ruby looks very happy to be visiting you.

  2. hope you don't loose power and sounds like it was good the kids headed home early to beat the storm - stay safe

  3. Hope you're able to ride out the storm safely and without losing power, Cathie! Sounds like an enjoyable visit with your kids, even if they did have to go home early. I like Fiona Davis' books, but haven't read that one - The Lions of 5th Avenue is really good. Hope you can enjoy some stitching today!

  4. I can see Santa’s bow beginning to form. Stay safe during Henri.

  5. I hope that Henry doesn't cause trouble for you there. You have lots of stitching to keep you busy, but losing power is no fun at all.

  6. Is that a bridge spanning a huge expanse of water? It looks like your daughters pooch had a fine time and nice to see your mum enjoying her company. I hope with the storm heading your way everyone stays safe.

  7. Hey Cathie... hope you stay safe as Henri passes through your area... hope it's more rain than Hurricane for you.... sorry your daughter and sil had to leave early but glad they got to visit as all! Your Santa is looking great and I hope your secret project will be done on the timeline you imagine it to be done on. Have a blessed week! School will be starting for you soon I imagine too... glad you have kindle and physical books to read during this time!

  8. Santa is coming along. Hope your power stays on and you don't run into any problems.

  9. Love Santa, he looks just like the Santa I knew when I was little , not like some Santa's of today.
    Hope the storm passes quick and all is well .
    We get storms in October .
    Have a good week.

  10. so glad you had a visit from them sorry the weather cut it short! Hope nothing major happened with the weather as well.


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