Saturday, August 14, 2021

And so it begins

Of course, now that I have finished cutting out all of the more than 4000 pieces for the Log Cabin Star quilt, I had to start piecing some of the blocks. This is a slow process as accuracy is going to be of paramount proportion. That of course also means lots of seam ripping. Here is what the quilt will eventually look like although this is only the wall hanging size.

I made a sample block last summer just to be sure that I was capable of completing it. It isn't perfect, but it convinced me that I should keep going.

Since I need a total of 196 of the block you see above, I decided to work on 10 blocks at a time to keep it manageable. I am slowly, very slowly, adding strips to get all of the blocks to be the same size. it is working and it hasn't frustrated me yet. I have yet to fully complete the first 10 blocks that  you see below, but I am enjoying spending time at my sewing machine. Yes, there will be y-seams to stitch on each block.

I finished "Jingle as Ye Enter, Jingle as Ye Go". This was a kit from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe that is no longer available. Hubby cut and sanded the dowel for me. I happened to have the ribbon in my stash.

The knitted Butterfly Baby Blanket is almost completed. Just 10 more rows and the seed stitch border and it will be done. 

I finished reading "The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult and I can tell you without a doubt that I am glad it is over. I did not enjoy this book. It is set in Poland during WWII and it depressing to no end. I have to remind myself that I understand the lessons of the Holocaust and I do not need to read a novel based on it. Only because I was somewhat invested in the characters did I stick with it until the end, but I have to admit that I could not read this book near bedtime at all. 
I am now reading "74 Seaside Avenue" by Debbie Macomber and I am a much happier camper.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are up to. My slow stitching today will be on my secret stitching. I have been making a whole lot of progress.

If you are interested, there is a Santa update here.

That is all the interesting news right now. 

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  1. what a lovely quilt that will be! I agree with you upsetting books shouldn't be your night reading. I have done that and then suffered horrible dreams and unsettling sleep. I seem to go through stages of reading WWII books some of the holocaust some not and I find if they aren't depressing they probably aren't representing it correctly - how can that subject be anything but depressing but I suggest everyone read about it now and then just to make sure it never happens again. I will check out the Debbie Macomber book I have read some of hers and usually like them

  2. Your Quilt is looking wonderful.
    Love your new cross stitching finish .
    I love Debbie Macomber books a nice easy read.
    enjoy your weekend.

  3. My goodness cutting out 4,000 pieces is a lot. It is going to be a beautiful quilt, though; so well worth all the effort. The blocks you have made look great, but Y seams.....I take my hat off to you. The Butterfly Baby Blanket is lovely and what a lovely finish your Jingle wall hanging is. Fabulous you had the pretty red ribbon in your stash.

  4. Your Christmas cross stitching is so cute! I love the Timberline Log Cabin pattern, your quilt will be beautiful! Maybe someday I'll take the challenge, happy stitching!

  5. I have that quilt book and pondered that quilt too! I am glad to watch you make it… good on you to test your abilities before going with 4000 cut pieces tho!
    I love the jingles and bows you added to your door hanger !! The baby quilt looks sew snuggly!!! Debbie macomber is usually adventure with mild romance and a hometown setting… I have one of her books too! Lol. Enjoy it over something no fun! Look into audio book called “atomic habits “ it isn’t fiction but it makes you think and the author is easy to listen too or read! Have a wonderful day friend! I read ahead and love the Santa progress! Hope to see progress with your next post on your wall hanging with 4000 pieces! Kathi

  6. The bells are perfect for your Jingle wall hanging! You will be an expert at Y seams by the time you finish this quilt. It’s going to be beautiful! Santa is coming along!

  7. Oh you have been busy! I am in love with your log cabin very unique design version. You are doing well with it and I would definitely have to take my time. I'm sewing 3 of the courthouse steps blocks at a time which seems to be what I can manage. I hope to sew a log cabin some day so will enjoy following you with this one. Meanwhile lovely finish on your Jingle cross stitch!

  8. The Log Cabin Star quilt is going to be amazing! Your plan to work on 10 blocks at a time sounds like a good one. I love how your Jingle wall-hanging turned out, too! I like Jodi Piccoult, but she does tackle the tough topics. Debbie Macomber would definitely be a better bedtime read! I'll have to look for the title you mentioned.

  9. That log cabin quilt will be amazing. The knitted butterfly blanket is beautiful.
    I am in an online book club and we are reading the classics - Frankenstein, A Christmas Carol, Sense and Sensibility and now Little Women. I wonder if there is something wrong with me as I am not enjoying any of them. Give me a fantasy series any day. :)

  10. Your quilt is going to be lovely, I love the colors. I really like Debbie Macomber and Jodi Picoult too, but tend to stay away from World War II books, just too painful to h handle. Your stitching and baby blanket are also lovely. Hope you have a great week!

  11. So glad that you have all of the pieces cut and you are ready to go. Working in blocks of 10 is a great idea. Your quilt is going to look amazing. Happy quilting.

  12. Wow, 4000 pieces! That's a big committment. Tackling 10 blocks ar a time seems to be a sensible way to tackle this project.

  13. Those blocks are beautiful. The quilt will be stunning. Love your knitted blanket too.

  14. Hi: Cathie: This is going to be a beautiful quilt.
    Jingle is a sweet design, I did purchase this way back when, Nancy has some lovely designs and wonderful threads.
    I read this book, I just did not care for it, not because of the Holocaust but the way it was written, I do read many of Jodi Picoult's books, she is a great writer but not for this book.



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