Sunday, August 29, 2021

Quilt progress and a finish!

 I finished knitting the 2nd Butterfly baby blanket. Yay!

Now I can concentrate on the Elephant Baby Blanket and maybe work on a sweater for myself that I started some time ago. I have to figure out how to adjust the armholes though as my gauge is off lengthwise. 

I have been working on the Timberline Log Cabin quilt. I decided to work on ten blocks at a time. Here is the process for the final log of each block.

First I lay out the 10 blocks and pick a red diamond, a cream diamond and a green trapezoid. I try to make sure that no fabric is repeated in any block. It isn't hard to do as there are 6 different red, 33 different green and 32 different cream fabrics. This may be a scrappy quilt, but I am picky about repeating fabrics.

Next each diamond is trimmed using the Judy Martin tool that she recommends for this quilt.

Here is one pair all trimmed.
Preparing to sew them together.
Not bad if I do say so myself.
Here is the strip with the green trapezoid added.
Except for the Y-seam, the block is complete. I am happy that I seem to have mastered matching the seams of the diamonds.

Here are the 11 blocks that I have finished so far except for the Y-seams. This is the arrangement that is shown in Judy Martin's book for the center. She doesn't show the complete arrangement for the queen-sized quilt, but there are several options online.

I need 196 of these blocks in total.Then there will be 4 corner blocks and 56 border blocks. Oh my this is another long-term project. These ten blocks took almost 2 weeks of on and off sewing while I am on summer vacation.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think I will spend some time working on the secret stitching. School starts on Tuesday, so my stitching time will be greatly reduced.

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  1. You are a busy bee Cathie , love the blanket finish.
    And your beautiful quilt .
    Enjoy your weekend .

  2. Yay for finishing the pretty Butterfly Baby Blanket♡ It is such a lovely pattern. As for your blocks for your beautiful quilt; they are amazing! Such a gorgeous arrangement. The diamonds turned out perfectly. Thank you for the photos showing us how you did them. This might be a long term quilt but oh my goodness, what a beauty it will be. I am interested as to seeing how you stitch those Y seams. I think I am 'Y seam phobic'. I tried them once and I am sad to say they were a major fail. =) So summer holidays are ending, how sad. I know I am always sad when the warm days of Summer end. Between school, looking after your mom and stitching all the projects you have on the go, you are going to be a very busy lady.

  3. Oh, this quilt will be stunning!

  4. This is going to be an amazing quilt. I love the shapes and I can see how beautifully they are going together! Pretty baby blanket too.

  5. Wow, you really are achieving precision with those seams! And all that work is so worth it because that design is just beautiful. Also love your sweet baby blanket.

  6. That's a beautiful quilt design, even if progress is slow! Love the pretty blanket, too!

  7. Your butterfly blanket is gorgeous, and your quilt will be when finished! I love the fabrics you have chosen!

  8. The knitted blanket is lovely! Nice finish! The first few blocks of your quilt are looking good...this quilt will take a while but you have all the cutting done, so now you can just sew. Happy slow stitching day.

  9. Congratulations on your finish. The log cabin looks very intricate. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Beautiful butterfly baby blanket, so sweet.
    Love the quilt blocks too.

  11. That is a gorgeous quilt. Your piecing looks terrific. Green and red quilts are so classic.

  12. Cathie: The baby blanket is so pretty, the colors are so soft looking.
    Totally love the quilt blocks, you have an eye for coordinating colors together.
    I am looking forward to seeing the sweater you are working on.


  13. Just catching up, my goodness you have been busy. Love the blanket and the quilt will be stunning when finished.

    1. My crafting busyness will be slowing down not that school started. Thanks for visiting.

  14. So envious of your knitting prowess! I was immediately drawn to the quilt blocks in your header and your Timberline quilt is already stunning with just 11 blocks. I love the colors you are using and I'd be proud of those seams too!

  15. Cathie... love it making 196 of these blocks plus more yet to go girl! Enjoy the journey... 10 at a time is a nice pace too... I love the layout you shared of how it will look... I have found when doing her patterns use her ways and you are so congrats on getting a stellar look to your blocks !!!!
    I love the finished butterfly blanket too!

  16. The blanket looks so pretty and soft. I LOVE those Timberline blocks. They will make a beautiful quilt.

  17. I gasped when I read you need to make 196 of these fancy log cabin blocks! That's some goal you have set yourself. The quilt will look amazing, I'm sure.
    Love the little baby blanket too, so pretty.

  18. You are so talented! Yay for finishing a project and now onto the other projects!!


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