Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas prep

I am trying hard to get into the Christmas spirit, but it is difficult right now. I have made some cookies: Chocolate Crinkles and Raspberry Walnut Thumbprints this past week. You can find the recipe for the latter here.

Yesterday I made Oatmeal Gingersnaps. I found the recipe in an old Country Woman Christmas book. They are delicious!

I am debating whether to make the batter for my Christmas Butter Cookies. I will be the only one decorating them this year and it seems too much work right now. Sigh.... 

I was trying to complete the finishing on "Jingle as ye enter, Jingle as ye go" and realized that I don't have the dowel needed to hang it. I will get as far as possible, but this probably won't be ready this year. Sigh....

All this sighing is due to the fact that Mom is still in acute rehab at the hospital, but will be returning home on Wednesday. I have arranged to have an aide with her 12 hours a day, but I will probably have to sleep at her place each night until I see how she is doing. I am not sure that I made the right decision in not having her moved to a sub-acute rehab facility, but since it requires a 2 week quarantine alone in a room as well as no outside visiting at all for the entire stay, I just couldn't do that. Mom has been extremely unhappy with not being home as it is and I can visit each day at the hospital. I know she wouldn't eat and would be very depressed at a facility alone and without my visiting during this pandemic. 

I am trying to keep the Christmas spirit by wrapping presents as well as baking cookies. Christmas is going to be quite strange this year.

I did manage to add some stitches to October Morning while monitoring my Math Center extra help. 

I finished the orange for the tree and added some light grey to the fence. I like seeing the progress I am making on this piece.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think I will try to add a few stitches to Three Boats. I may try to finish my wrapping today also.

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  1. Those cookies look delicious. I know it is going to be very strange this Christmas. Part of the uk has gone into tier four which is very like our original lockdown back in march. I'm glad your mum will be out of rehab in time for Christmas, I wish her well. Take care.

  2. This is such a stressful and strange time. Your mom will be happy to be home. She is lucky to have you, watching out for her and providing care. I hope she is feeling better day by day. My mom used to make those thumbprint cookies. I love watching your picture come to life as you add more colours to it, take care.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that things are still so tough for your mom. Decisions on things like that are always so difficult. I hope she improves just by being home. Hope you can enjoy some slow stitching while you spend time with her! (Oh, and cookies, too! Yummy!)

  4. Decisions regarding these difficult situations with family are so hard--but I will bet your Mom will be so happy to be home...this is a tough year to begin with; making such situations even harder to deal with...
    I know you will enjoy your Christmas with your Mom--
    (I still miss mine --5 years gone now...)
    Hugs julierose

  5. That is a very hard decision to make with pros and cons to both sides. Wishing your mom all the best. And as a former caregiver - both professionally and to my late mother, be sure to take care of yourself!

  6. It is a hard decision to make about your mom. I hope she will probably do much better in her own environment. I felt the same way about my husband. I just couldn't leave him in rehab, not seeing him, talking to him crying on the phone. He was getting more and more confused. Hope you have Happy Holidays!

  7. Your mom is blessed to have you as a daughter. She will be happy to go home and have you keeping an eye on her and caring for her. I can just imagine the stress you are feeling. This will be a difficult Christmas for you. I hope you will be okay. Please take care, Cathi.

  8. praying for you and I hope that your mom gives you peace of mind. I cannot imagine the stress that you are under right now worrying about her.

  9. Those decisions made with great love are always the most difficult. I hope it all works out for you. This Covid has been so hard for family in facilities so I completely understand.

    Your cookies look delicious.


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