Sunday, March 31, 2019


The first daffodil of Spring has bloomed! I made sure to take a picture, so I could believe that Spring is really here. 
It has been so very cold and windy at the end of March this year. I only decided to put my wool-blend work pants away for the season as I can't bring myself to wear wool in April. Some of my Spring-time work pants are still a little too light-weight though for April . 
Last weekend our son came to visit and we went to Belmont Lake State Park.
In all my years living on Long Island, I have never been there. 
 The ducks and geese were enjoying the lake.
We walked all the way around the lake. There were lots of families and dogs. I actually learned something about the area also.
 It was weird seeing cannons at the park

I am starting to get my Easter decorations out. It will be here before you know it. I bought a new wreath for my front door. Usually I craft a wreath, but the last one that I made I wasn't happy with and I realized that my lack of time would not result in a new one that I would be happy with. This wreath works just fine.
Hubby and I have been looking to update our 16 year old carpeting. In the process we decided to finally purchase a carpet runner for our staircase. We have always wanted one, but just never got around to looking. Well it is finally done and we both love it. 
We have noticed that we surprise each other a lot now though as we can quietly go up and down the staircase.

I will be getting an epidural injection in my back this week. My back is feeling better, but my leg is still numb and starts to ache at the end of each day. I am hoping to feel well enough the day of the injection to spend some time cross-stitching. I will be finishing the second corner of my secret cross-stitch today.  A bout of frogging limited my progress last weekend, but I made up for it yesterday morning. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching.

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  1. I just found out one of sister's is having this trouble and might be getting an injection - another sister has already had one - it didn't work for her - I hope it works for you

  2. Hope the injection helps provide more comfort. Enjoy your cross stitch!

  3. Love the Easter wreath and the runner carpet on the stairs is so inviting. My doctor has just suggested I get an injection for my back.

  4. I hope the injection helps you to feel much better. Frogging seems to be part of the process... we need to update our carpets too. Hoping to do that later this year

  5. Isn't it wonderful to see the first signs of spring and then get reminded with an artic blast that we may still see some cold days. This spring has been quite chilly here in Texas. Your runner really looks nice!

  6. Happy Spring and best wishes for a fast recovery following the injection(s). Love, love your stairwell! Thank you for all that you share,including the precious daffodil! Residing in Florida includes missing Springtime on Cape Cod......
    Treat yourself like a much-loved child and remember that healing doesn't typically occur in a linear pathway. Sending you healing wishes.

  7. Love the wreath. Hope the injection helps and that you are able to get back to some stitching.

  8. I smiled at the sight of your Daffodil. Spring is surely on its way, now. I hope the injection works so that you might have some relief. Love the runner on those stairs. Such a lovely welcome your pretty door wreath is.

  9. hope your epidural goes well and you get the relief you seek. Yay for a wee daffodil saying hello :)

  10. The carpet runner is very pretty, really showcased your beautiful staircase. When we start seeing the pretty yellow daffodils it gives us hope that winter is really gone. I so hate that season.

    1. I don't mind any of the seasons, but I am ready for Spring this year. I am glad you like the carpet runner. I have to admit to being quite pleased with it myself.


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