Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spring is Here!

It is Spring, but it certainly doesn't feel like it here on Long Island. Friday and Saturday were cold and very windy. The plastic containers that should be in our recycling bin were all over our backyard. Today it has made it to the 40's, but it is still not outdoor weather. My daffodils are showing their leaves and will probably bloom over the next few weeks. 

Hubby and I made the trip to Boston for my daughter's first try-on of her wedding gown. It fits like it was specifically made for her. All it needs is to be shortened and bustled. That will all begin happening in June. She also picked out a beautiful fingertip length veil to complement the gown. Her wedding is now less than 6 months away. Wow!

I started crocheting the Bridal Bear outfit. 
This is actually the second start as I realized that I had made a mistake in adjusting the pattern about 6 rows in. I need to write out the changes so that the pattern works out correctly for my smaller sized bear. I think I have the correct idea now.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I will get some secret stitching done today. Although I can't share it, I can tell you that I am almost done with the second corner of the chart. The fourth corner is the same as the second and the third corner should be fairly quick to stitch. I am pleased with my progress so far. 

My back problems are status quo for right better, no worse. I will say that my back no longer hurts, but my leg is still numb and often has a burning sensation down the side. I am going to therapy and doing my exercises at home. I had an MRI this past week and will meet with a pain management doctor this week. I have good days and bad days, but I am doing okay.

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  1. Sure love the little Bridal Bear you are making, I do hope you get relief with the pain management, I am finally getting around much better after a bout of back and leg problems in early February. Enjoy your secret stitching

  2. I hope the exercises and MRI result in ways to help you heal and feel better. The wedding plans sound exciting! Do you have a dress yet? I wonder if there will be a groom bear to go with the bride...

  3. So sorry about your back pain.
    Love the wedding bear.
    You have some exciting times to come.

  4. Love the idea of the wedding bear. What a joy it must have been to see the wedding dress, exciting times. Hope that the pain management clinic helps.

  5. The bridal bear is going to be so cute. Hope you can get a handle on the back issues. That is definitely no fun. I've had similar problems this year, but fixing the ergonomics in my office and getting a new sewing table seems to have fixed my triggers for now.

  6. I keep hoping you find relief and are pain free soon!! The wedding is creeping up slowly :)

  7. I hope the pain management meeting goes well and it helps you get on the road to pain relief.

  8. Cathie: I am so sorry you are still having trouble
    I hope the therapy works.



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