Sunday, June 7, 2015

Slow Stitching

I have been working on Bakers Beach exclusively this week. That sounds too lofty. What I should say is that I have only managed to stitch for a few minutes this week. I haven't been really busy, I have just been too tired when I have come home from work and tutoring. I don't want to make any mistakes that then have to be undone so I have been lazy in the late afternoon and evenings. Of course the dreary, cold and cloudy weather we have been having hasn't helped.
It is sunny today. Yay! I hope I can sit on my porch or deck and work on some of my stitching. I will be joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching and on Monday I will join the Stitchery Link Party over at Super Mom - No Cape. I am also joining Measi's Musings for the June WIPocalypse. Measi wants to know whether you get more stitching done in summer or winter. This year my answer is summer is because I have the whole summer off from school. Normally the time of year doesn't matter to me.
 Pop on over to these sites to see what other bloggers are up to.
Bakers Beach is definitely growing. Last week I was still working on the grey sky color.
This week I moved on to the sort of peachy grey shade in the sky. I know it is only a subtle difference, but it feels more like color than plain grey.
 I gave you a close-up this time.
 I can see the end of this page getting closer. Of course the bottom of this page has a whole lot of color changes so it will take some time to finish. As I look forward to the next page, it too is full of color changes. This makes the picture look beautiful, but makes the stitching tedious at times.
My Kousa dogwood tree is in full bloom. 
My flowers are really taking off....
and hubby put my gazing ball on its stand.

I will finally get outside and enjoy my yard today. I have been looking at my dogwood tree with longing all week through my kitchen window. It is a beautiful part of my back yard.

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  1. Enjoy your stitching in the back garden - sounds wonderful!

  2. You really have made great progress, fingers crossed the weather holds out and you can enjoy your beautiful garden.

    1. Weather was great today. Lots of outdoor time.

  3. Beautiful stitching! It is really coming along nicely.

  4. Your cross-stitch is coming along beautifully!! Love how your garden is blooming out -- what a pretty place to sit and stitch!! :)

  5. The colour changes are tedious, but it gives the picture so much depth.

  6. slow and steady wins the race, so they say. Love the stitching and I do see progress. You have a beautiful yard!

  7. Your cross stitching project is so amazing. I love dogwood and we can't grow it here. Yours is so pretty.

    I chuckled at your gazing ball as we have gone through 4 of them here. Little boys keep thinking it is a nice sized baseball sitting on top of a tee!!! lol

  8. Oh, what a beautiful project you are working on. I love big projects a lot, it is so fantastic to see them grow while stitching on them.
    Very nice pictures of your garden.


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