Sunday, January 23, 2022

Stitching and Reading

I have once again had a fairly active crafting and reading week. I have been reading quite a lot lately. I recently finished several books. First, I read "The Bookseller" by Cynthia Swanson. 

This is a somewhat strange book that goes back and forth between dream and reality. It is quite interesting though and I did enjoy reading it. 

Following that book I read "Her Heart for a Compass" by Sarah Ferguson. 

I had absolutely no expectations for this book except that it was recommended by another blogger. Well, I just loved this book. It followed the adventures of a Lady Margaret Montagu Scott in Victorian England and it was thoroughly entertaining.

I then decided to read the 8th book in Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series. 

It was nice to return to catch up on the characters of this series.

Yesterday I finished reading "Forbidden Falls" by Robyn Carr. 

This book is part of the Virgin River series and boy did I love this book. I just couldn't put it down. It was great to revisit some well loved characters and meet a few new ones. I am sorry that I finished it so quickly, but that tells me it was a really good book. Now I have to find another book to read.

You would think with all that reading, that I didn't get much crafting done, but I actually made progress on several crafts. 

First, the Baby Elephant Blanket has been getting a lot of attention lately. 

I have figured out a way to keep the various colored yarns from tangling and it makes crocheting it much more enjoyable. You can see the various strands at the top of the photo

I have started stitching the gift tag on Santa. There are a lot of color changes and some white that you might not be able to really see, but trust me it is there. 

I want to finish the tag and then move on to stitching more of the gift itself.

I have also made progress on the apron that I am cross-stitching. I finished stitching the wine bottle. Now I am up to embroidering the lettering for the saying.

 I had to watch a video the other day after messing up my first attempt at the stem stitch needed for the saying. I understand it better now, but after taking out the stitching I had already done, I wasn't ready to start again. I will get back to that on Monday most likely. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think Santa needs some attention today.

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. You have been a Busy Bee Cathie .
    Every thing is looking wonderful .
    Thank you for the book review .
    Enjoy your Sunday stitching .

  2. I look at YouTube videos to refresh my memory on how to embroider certain stitches too! You’ve been doing lots of reading. I am currently reading Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers for the library book club. We meet on zoom. I’m enjoying this book. Have a good day working on Santa.

  3. It’s always nice to get book recommendations. Thank you. The wine saying is great for an apron. Have a good date with Santa.

    1. I hope you enjoy a few of those books. I like the apron saying too. Santa is waiting for me.

  4. I think I have read all of the Virgin River series the others I didn't recognize and I will look and see what they are about - I posted one today that I really liked and starting another - have you tried Susan Meissner someone had mentioned her a week or two and I tried the book and really liked it

  5. I love reading too but find my self busy with my hands so I listen to books these days... I love Debbie Macomber and many of the authors you mentioned too... I love the elephant afghan progress, the Santa and the Wine induced apron too... good luck with that stem stitch ... I prefer the chain stitch because I am not patient enough for the shorter stitches in outline formation... I look forward to seeing your stem progress next week :) Kathi

  6. Looks like you've found lots of good books recently! I enjoyed the Virgin River series, too, and always love Debbie Macomber. The elephant afghan is really coming along, and so cute!

  7. Great projects! Thanks for the book recommendations! I love the Virgin River series and I hadn't heard of this one. I need to get out of the FBI serial killer ones I am reading.

  8. The elephant blanket gets cuter and cuter. It’s more enjoyable to crochet when you get the yarn to do what you want. You inspire me to hopefully make more time to read.

  9. Goodness, you have had a delightful week reading fabulous books and enjoying lovely stitching. Sarah Ferguson has authored a lot of books over the years. Isn't it sad when you come to the end of a book that you cannot put down. Love books like that. Your happy little elephant is coming along fabulously; and cheery Santa, well, he just keeps delighting me.

  10. You have been so busy. Your afghan is looking so pretty . Santa Claus is coming along and he looks amazing. Have a great week and happy stitching.

  11. I have been reading more this past week and have been enjoying it immensely, I go in waves I guess. Love the baby blanket and the new stitching project.

  12. First of all, I love your figurine on the banner. And I can't believe you actually crochet the colors into the design. So pretty. Your cross stitch of Santa has so many stitches! Wow. I usually do a stem stitch on my embroidery and have done it since my grandmother taught me. Keep on stitchn.

    1. That figurine was given to my husband and I many years ago soon after we had our daughter. We have a grown up son and daughter now.

  13. Cathie: I like reading myself.
    Your Elephant is really coming along, I can see the trunk, the Santa design is beautiful, you have made wonderful progress.
    The apron is lovely also, I am looking forward to seeing it finished, I still wear aprons when cooking/baking.


  14. Oh, your baby elephant almost has his head, you have been working hard on this one. I can hardly wait to see him finished!


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