Sunday, December 5, 2021


Santa will now be my sole focus for the next few weeks as I will be finishing the secret stitching this weekend. Yay! Then it needs to be washed, ironed and brought to the framer.

I have been working on Santa whenever I get the chance while watching TV as the secret stitching got to the point where I really had to concentrate on what I was doing. After several hours yesterday morning I managed to get the difficult part done. All that is left is French knots which are fairly easy for me. I know there are those who hate them, but I seemed to have figured out what works for me each and almost every time. 

So here is what Santa looks like now. I have been working on his mitten. 

I have also added some rows to the Baby Elephant blanket. You can just see some pink starting on the top row that will be the ears. I have completed 50 of 106 rows of the graph. 

Last Sunday Hubby decided to hang the Christmas lights on the house. 

 I put together the nativity, hung the bows and wreath and added some colored lights to the bushes.
Santa says "Hi"!

Hubby and I drove around our neighborhood looking at the decorations Friday night. One family had a great display in an upstairs window.

You can see another wonderful house display tomorrow when I participate in the Virtual Cookie Exchange. Participants share a cookie recipe as well as a quilt and a family tradition. The last is where the house display will be shown.

Below is the list of all the blogs that are participating.


  1. Cathie, your home looks all Christmassy with the beautiful decorations. Love the manger. Your neighbourhood must look so pretty with all festive sights. Santa is growing wonderfully, as is the sweet baby elephant blanket.

  2. Each stitch counts, Cathie and Santa is growing. Baby elephant is so cute.Love your home outdoor decorations. Looking forward to seeing the blog hop, and find yummy cookies receipes to try. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Cathie: This is such a fun post, we drove around last evening and looked at the decorations on homes.
    The Santa design, is going to be beautiful when you are finished.
    That baby blanket is adorable.
    I wish I could watch tv and stitch at the same time, I make too many mistakes and have to have the tv off.
    Lovely decorations on your home.

    Merry Christmas


  4. I am glad you are getting the last of your secret sewing projects done and can focus on fun santa and the crochet too!
    Congrats! Your Christmas decor and that window of your neighbors is amazing too!

  5. your santa is coming along - pretty decorations!

  6. Your Santa looks so pretty. I’m looking forward to his finish. Your home looks so festive.

    1. I am looking forward to Santa's finish also. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Great progress on the Santa stitchery!
    And the elephant design is adorable!

  8. Your Santa is coming along nicely. Love that Christmas window of your neighbors and your decorations! Happy stitching!

  9. Your house looks beautiful with its Christmas and decorations up! I bet it's nice to have the secret stitching finished and be able to focus on Santa again. I'm looking forward to seeing all the fun posts for the blog hop this week!

  10. Beautiful stitching on a stunning project. I enjoyed the little Christmas tour, and will come back to see what that cookie exchange is all about. Glad to have found you!

  11. I'm hanging out to see the baby elephant grow! It's always nice to see homes decorated. But here in New Zealand it is Summer so we have to wait till it gets dark before we can drive around checking out the Christmas lights.

  12. Your home looks so fabulous and festive. Love your crocheted Christmas tree in your header too. Beautiful projects you are working on. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  13. Looking very festive at your house…you just need a little bit of snow…
    Santa just gets better and better every week!


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