Sunday, April 25, 2021


I have finished filling in Santa's face and have not started adding a pale blue to the pom-pom of his hat. 

I have also added some stitches to the Secret Stitching. A few more leaves and flowers.

I have decided that the Bobble Baby blanket is the size that I want and I have started working on the border. This is a close-up of the border with lots of bobbles.

Here is the whole blanket.

I am hoping life is going to be a little easier. As of this past Thursday, Mom has a full-time live in aide. There will actually be two aides, one every other week. I no longer have to sleep at Mom's house at night. I will still have to portion out her medicines and make freezer meals to have on hand. Mom is a picky eater and doesn't like what the aide cooks, so I try to have items in the freezer that just need to be heated. Heck, sometimes she doesn't even like what I cook and most of what I make for her I learned from her. 

Hubby and I were able to enjoy a day out yesterday. We visited the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. It has a small parking lot, so there weren't a massive amount of people walking around.

These gorgeous bright red rhododendrons were the first flowers we saw. Isn't that color beautiful.

There is a very scenic river walk that we enjoyed immensely.

I don't know what type of flower this is below, but it was very pretty.

I was amazed at the way the roots of the trees pushed up and out of the ground near the river.

This is one very large evergreen. There were people walking on the other side of it when I took this photo, but you can't see them at all.

Below are some beautiful japanese azaleas.

There was a Holly Walk. Only one bush had any berries on it.
There were a few ponds on the Rhododendon Walk.

The view in the opposite direction. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. It is a miserable rainy day here so I am going to make a cup of Irish Breakfast tea and scroll through some of the blogs, then I will add some stitches to my secret stitching.

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  1. Beautiful photos .
    Santa is just wonderful.
    So is your blanket I love it .

  2. I am reading this enjoying a cup of Melbourne Breakfast tea. Your Santa truly does have the cheeriest face! That is good news that you don't need to sleep at your mother's home anymore. The bobble edging on the baby blanket is perfect for this blanket; such pretty colours. How nice to get out and about and enjoy the walk along the river. Those rhododendrons and azaleas would have been a beautiful sight.

  3. I love that baby bauble quilt... is that crochet did you say? I am giddy that you will get to sleep at home even if you spend more time cooking and freezing that is something you are accustomed to at this moment in time already... Good luck getting into a new rhythm and being home with you hubby and having a more normal life cycle... you can also enjoy your mom more when you are more rested too <3
    Your Santa is looking great and I am glad your secret project got some stitches too!

  4. Hi Cathie, your bobble blanket is Beautitul, the bobbles give is extra texture and the yarn is so pretty, love it. Santa's face is great. I loved visiting the park through your photos, what a nice place, I'm sure you enjoyed this day out and charged your batteries and rest your mind. Happy new week.

  5. Hooray for a caregiver for your mom and a date day with your husband too! This should ease the pressure on you considerably. Santa is coming alive with every stitch you add. That baby blanket is gorgeous!

  6. Santa is beautiful!! Lovely photos! You are blessed to have so much pretty to enjoy!!

  7. I'm so glad you got the full-time aide set up for your mom. That will give you a break, and looks like you took full advantage of that time with your outing yesterday. What a pretty place! Santa's really coming along, and the bobble blanket is fun, too!

  8. Very glad you have more help with your mum. Santa really is a jolly looking chap. Love your bobble blanket too.

  9. Glad you got more help with your mom! Lovely scenic pictures. I love your bobble blanket. I have never tried making any kind of bobble. Hope you have a great week!

  10. Wonderful photos! I love the bobble blanket. Santa is coming along nicely. The pretty orange spring blooms are Fritillaria

  11. I found that as my mom aged her appetite reduced and she often said it wasn’t to her liking. I couldn’t understand it as she had a pretty healthy appetite and wasn’t a picky eater at all when she was younger. It was a very gradual thing. Now at age 74 I am beginning to see slight changes in the way I eat as well. It is almost as if it is a change in chemistry within me - very subtle. Maybe that is what is happening with your mom.

  12. Santa is coming along nicely. Love the color of the bobble blanket. The blanket in the header I am in love with it.

  13. Beautiful pictures taken during your walks. Love it.
    Your Santa is coming along great.

  14. Santa is gorgeous! I love the blanket too. Your walk looks like it was beautiful.

  15. So pleased you now have the help you need for your Mother. Although you are still quite heavily involved, but get to sleep in your own bed now.

  16. How wonderful you were able to get the help you need for you mom. Your Santa is looking amazing and so is your afghan. Happy stitching.

  17. FINALLY! I am so glad you have the help and life is getting a little bit stressful. You are a saint for all that you do for your mom so she can be in her home. What a blessing you are to her.

  18. Just stumbled here from The Crafty Creek Sunday SAL, and must congratulate you on such beautiful crafting. And I might be able to name that flower you noticed on your walk. It's a Crown Imperial (one of a variety of Fritillaria Imperialis). They are show stoppers!

    1. Thank you for the common name of that flower. I am heading to the gardening center today. I have a feeling this will be a bulb I have to buy in the fall though. So glad you enjoyed my blog.


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