Sunday, November 29, 2020

2 of 24

I have finally finished the second of 24 pages of Three Boats. Happy Dance!

Now I can move on to the next page below it. Page number 13 is next.

I also made some progress on October Morning this past week. 

You can see that I have started adding the green tree/bush that is to the right of the dirt road. I just realized that you can see the fence emerging too.

I also spent some time making Christmas masks to distribute at Thanksgiving. Here are the Christmas sides of the masks.

I made the insides from non-Christmas fabrics so that they can be used throughout the year.

We enjoyed a visit from our daughter, her husband and her pup, Ruby. They quarantined two weeks prior to visiting and will do the same when they return home in order to visit for Thanksgiving. 
We enjoyed a walked in a local state park.
Ruby also enjoyed playing in our backyard with one of the old toys that we have.

Our son was unable to join us as he couldn't quarantine that long without going to work. He is going to try to visit at Christmas.

I am reading the third book of Nora Roberts' Chronicles of the One series, "The Rise of Magicks". 

I am thoroughly enjoying this trilogy, though it was difficult to get through the original premise of the series which deals with a massive pandemic. It is worth it to read this very interesting trilogy.

I am joining Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I will try to add some stitches to Three Boats, but today is the day to get the Christmas decorations out of the garage. 

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  1. Three boats is looking great! Congrats on having finished 2 pages of the pattern! I saw the fence emerging right away on your other picture. We took our Christmas bins out yesterday and started decorating. I will continue to work away at it this week. The tree will go up next weekend. Have a good week!

  2. P. S. So nice that your daughter and her husband could come to visit. Ruby looks like she enjoyed her time there too.

  3. Cathie, I am glad your daughter came for a visit with your sil and pup... I am glad they got to come for Thanksgiving too! Masks for the holiday or everyday are a great gift !!! I love that you moved on to a new page on 3 boats... and that you have made great progress on the printed cross stitch too :D Have a blessed Sunday friend! Kathi

  4. Glad you got to visit with family. More masks... It's time for me to make a few more... This may be a great place to use some holiday fabrics. Oh so many colors on your stitching! Beautiful work.

  5. Love the masks! So nice your daughter was able to visit and I hope you son is able to around Christmas. Both stitcheries are looking great and thanks for the book recommendation. I'll have to see if I have read that series yet.

  6. Reversible masks is a great idea. So glad that you were able to see your family for the holiday.

  7. I am glad your daughter could come for Thanksgiven. Great progress on both projects. Pretty and great idea with the masks.
    Happy stitching.

  8. I have not read that trilogy although I do read a lot of N. Roberts books I will write that one down and look for it. I'm making more masks this week

  9. I liked that Nora Roberts trilogy a lot. Strange to think that she wrote about a pandemic like that, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed some time with your daughter and SIL and got some stitching in, too. I made the banana muffins from the recipe you shared last week and they were yummy!

  10. How lovely to see your daughter over thanksgiving! Clever idea to make those masks with a plain inside so they can be used after Christmas. I'm planning on making some more Christmas masks, but keep putting it off.

  11. Three boats is looking lovely and I like how October Morning is coming along. Those masks are so cheerful looking and it's a great idea to make them reversable. Great that you had a visit from your daughter.

  12. Glad you got to visit with your daughter for Thanksgiving! I love seeing the progress you are making with your projects~

  13. Three Boats is looking amazing. October Morning, too, is looking great. Love the imprint of the fence. A great idea to use a holiday fabric on one side of the masks and an ordinary fabric on the other. Your Thanksgiving sounds as if you had a pleasant time with your daughter and son-in-law, and sweet Ruby. Christmas isn't too far away, then you will be able to enjoy special times with your son.

  14. I am thrilled that your daughter as able to visit. It is so hard isolating for these long period of times needed. Hopefully your son will make hoe for Christmas. Great stitching. Love the masks and the fabrics.

  15. Hi Cathie: Wow I have not been able to blog for a while, you have made some progress on both designs, they are lovely.
    You are so lucky to have had visitors.
    I love Nora Roberts books and her JD Robb books, she is an amazing writer.
    Have a great day



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