Sunday, August 25, 2019

Satin Floss

The Halloween Topiary that I am working on recommends using DMC Satin floss for some parts.....the jack o'lantern, bats and cat. I really dislike working with it and I don't really love the way it looks on the piece. 
I will stick with it as I don't feel like picking it out, but I am finding it somewhat difficult to work with. I am using shorter lengths to discourage fraying. I can't get it to lay nicely on the fabric either. I have read some tips and watched some You Tube videos, but I just don't like it. To tell you the truth, I don't really feel like it is adding anything special to this piece either. I would be just as happy with standard embroidery floss rather than the somewhat shiny satin. I actually was avoiding finishing the jack o'lantern, because I don't like the floss. I am now trying to finish the cat and the bats so that I am done with the offending satin floss.

I have been slowly working on the sweater for Hubby. I am finished with the ribbing and just started on the body of the back of the sweater. 
I have changed to the larger needles, so I now I can work on more than one row at a time. I am trying to avoid aggravating the arthritis in my right thumb. It is better with knitting than with crochet. 

That fact is quite discouraging for me as I really love to work on crocheted items. I am still slowly working on this lavender scarf.
I can complete one four row pattern at a time, but then I must put it down. There have been several nights recently where all I want to do is sit and either knit or crochet all evening, but I just can't. 

I have been getting some reading done instead. This book was on the swap rack at my local library.
The author is new to me. I am totally enjoying this book. The characters, setting and story line are quite interesting. I am so glad that I picked this book up. I will definitely look for more of her books in the future.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I will be working on the Halloween Topiary.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Despite you not enjoying stitching with satin floss, the items look great. Totally understand when one is unsatisfied with part of a project. Perhaps the satin floss stitching is almost complete. I'm in search for a good summer reading and I shall check out the book at the library.

  2. Your stitchery looks great, despite you not liking the floss. I love Barbara Delinsky. I have read most everything of hers, except that one you have!

  3. I love your Halloween stitching, and it makes me wonder what kind of floss I am using! I'm not very experienced with floss, so it could be satin or not and I wouldn't necessarily know the difference, lol! I have enjoyed Barbara Delinsky's books over the years, but that' not a familiar title - I'll have to look for it at the library!

  4. It's interesting how the texture is so important to hand stitchers... if it doesn't feel right, we just don't want to work with it! I feel the same way about wool and it makes me sad because there are so many fun things to do with wool, but I just don't like how it feels!
    Hope the satin floss stitches are finished quickly and you can move on to something more relaxing!

  5. Your Halloween x stitch is really nice. But I get how you feel about the satin floss! Your crochet scarf is looking good, such a pretty stitch.

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  7. Like you I find crocheting bothers my arthritis more than knitting does. I'm not seeing the satin thread differently than regular floss. Would it ruin your piece to pick it out? I sometimes play through with yarn for that reason, not everything un-ravels well.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your arthritis affecting your knitting and crochet, that makes it so difficult to enjoy the hobby. :( I tend to get a frozen shoulder if I overdo the knitting, which is so frustrating when you're getting into a rhythm. Good luck with finishing off with that miserable satin. I also am not a fan.

  9. That sweater is coming along! Love your cross stitch.

  10. sorry that working hurts your hands. I know I can't do all day marathons but I can do chunks of time without incident. The sweater looks great! and I love the color.


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  12. Me popping back round as I make my blog rounds, hope things are going well for you.


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