Friday, August 3, 2018

Valley Forge

Hubby and I visited our son in Pennsylvania last weekend. We went to Valley Forge National Park on Saturday. Of course I have to first share with you an iron, thimble, scissors, pins, clothespins and shoes that were on display in the Visitor Center. I wouldn't be a crafting blog if I didn't.
There are several hiking routes as well as fairly easy walkways. There is also a trolley tour available to various sites in the park. The views were just spectacular.

There was a reproduction village of soldiers' housing.
Hubby and my son enjoyed the afternoon. We walked only a little way on one of the walkways as it was quite hot on Saturday and, as you can see Hubby forgot his cap and was worried about sunburn.
There were several statues along the route throughout the park.
We also saw George Washington's headquarters.
 Strategy workroom.
Sleeping quarters. 
More sleeping quarters....
and yet another sleeping quarter.
This is the statue of George Washington.
The following day Hubby and son went golfing while I enjoyed some local shopping. I also enjoyed the view from my son's apartment balcony while reading or knitting. 
Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend with our son.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Did any fabric, yarn or other crafting supplies come home with you?

    1. I only shopped at Nordstrom Rack so a hoodie and a dress came home with me, but I was only interested in shopping where I could walk to as we had Hubby's car that I really don't like to drive even though it is a newer model of my own car.

  2. I remember going to that park a long time ago - I must admit most times military parks bore me - unless they have the buildings to go in with the replicas of living quarters and things I like to look at the antiques - I don't care for all the monuments.

  3. It looks like a great place to visit.

  4. Cathie: What a fabulous trip, wow so many interesting items, them shoes do not look comfortable.
    Thank-you for sharing this trip with us.


  5. Sounds like a wonderful break away, nothing beats spedning quality time with family.

  6. Great way to spend time with your family .
    Lovely trip , very interesting .

  7. so much fun! looks like he has a nice place to stay and I want to see the G. Washington stuff too! I need to make a trip...

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