Sunday, May 20, 2018

A New Start

Those of you who follow my blog know from my last post that my brother-in-law, my husband's only sibling, passed away unexpectedly on Mother's Day. This past week has been hard on our family, especially my husband and his mother. My father-in-law passed not quite 14 months ago.  We were a small family to begin with. Now our family is just 6 people.

This year has been one of losses. My Aunt Emma, an artist, passed away earlier this year. Then last month the father of one of my daughter's best friends passed away from pancreatic cancer. He was one of her early soccer coaches and we have been friends with the family for years. He was my age. Two weeks ago a friend's 25 year old daughter passed away after battling a progressive disease since birth. It has been a difficult and sad year.

Yet, Spring has sprung today with sun and warmer temperatures. It spurred the need in me to start something new, something small.
This is "Jingle as ye enter, Jingle as ye go" from the Victorian Sample Shoppe. It is a small banner stitched over two on 32 count linen. Sitting on my porch in the sunshine with a new craft started is just what I needed today.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching today. I am also linking with Kate at Life in Pieces. Pop on over to their sites to see what other bloggers are stitching. 

A new member has joined our bunny family also.
Can you see how tiny it is. That is a small cardinal statue in my back yard that is bigger than the bunny!

It makes me smile just looking at him/her.

I am hoping for more smiles and less tears for the rest of this year.

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  1. At times like this, you remember only the good about the person who has passed. Creating always make me feel a little bit better.

  2. it is so hard loosing people you love and like you say you have a small family - it will be harder. you have to remember all the good times.

  3. Losing those close to us makes for difficult times. I lost 2 brothers in 5 months last year and I still miss them every day. It's hard when all of a sudden you see or hear something and it just brings them to mind. Christmas was especially hard, even more memories. I really feel sorry for my mom, one of my brothers lived with her and now she's by herself. We all visit but at night, it's awfully quiet in that house.
    Anyway, your cross-stitch project is going to be gorgeous. I love cross-stitch but quilting has much faster results. I should get some kits out and do some in my spare time.

  4. When my little boy died many years ago, I was so glad that it was spring. Spring just makes you smile inside with the bright sun and the glorious colors outside. I'm sorry for your losses. Each one makes the next one ever so much more tender. I did a cross stitch piece to help me grieve when my son died. It's been hanging on my wall for 30 yrs. now. A sweet reminder of what once was.

  5. I'm so sorry for your losses. It's so much harder on us when they are young. As irritated as I have been with my mother-in-law lately, I would miss her terribly, and I need to adopt your attitude.

  6. Awww...and hope never fails us.
    I have also turned to slow stitching during this season of my life as well. Please accept my condolences for your many losses this year. I join you in praying for more smiles and less tears for the rest of the year. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. You have had a rough year so far! I'm so sorry for your losses. And yes, sunshine and stitching is a wonderful recipe to help soothe one's sadness. I join you in hoping for a better rest of the year. {hugs}

  8. It is so sad at times like this .
    We have lost 3 friends in the last few months , we seem to be going to many
    funerals this year.
    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday stitching , it is a hobby to heal and reflex on the good times and what a blessing that their lives touched of lives.

  9. Oh Cathie, I am so sorry. It is especially difficult when it happens repeatedly in such a short period of time. You must feel like you haven't finished grieving before starting all over again. I hope that the new stitching will allow you some peaceful days ahead and that you can recall the cherished times with them as you stitch.

  10. Hi Cathie: Your Cardinal is adorable, I love the color of cardinals they are so beautiful.
    Nice start design.
    So sad about your losses.


  11. I'm sorry you've had a streak of losses in your family, my mother's side is very small my dad's side has shrunk these past two years. Anyways, I'm glad you have each other! Look at your signs of spring :)

  12. So sorry for all the losses this year. It never gets any easier. Enjoy your slow stitching on your new project.


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