Sunday, May 6, 2018

Final Exam

Crafting has taken second place this weekend to writing the final exam for my university class. This was the view of my laptop for most of yesterday. 
The exam is almost completed. I want to be able to print it out, check for mistakes and write an answer key before I photocopy it. I hope to do all that by Tuesday as I have to be on campus for my last lecture so I can complete the photocopying without making a separate trip.

I received this fun book from Kathi Clower at Design Originals by KC
I love Mary Engelbreit designs. They are so whimsical and colorful. Thank you Kathi for your generosity.

The only crafting that I have managed this week is crochet. I finished the second granny round and now I am working on a round of chain loops. 
I am following the Granny Blanket Edging over at Attic 24. I think its the perfect complement to my Granny Rose Afghan. The crochet is going very quickly. This UFO should be completed soon.

My tulips are in bloom around my flower beds. These have all been planted from past Easter planters that I have received.
I really love this ruffled, double tulip. I have to plant more of these.
This little bunny and two of its friends have been spending a whole lot of time in our front and back yards.
 I walked out my front door the other morning to get the newspaper and all three froze and looked up at me. They are pretty used to Hubby and me and don't run away unless we walk towards them.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. She talks about the idea of "behaviorceuticals" , the idea that working with our hands can change brain chemistry to help us feel better. Several years ago I had a severe neurological reaction to Lipitor, a cholesterol drug. No one knew when or if the symptoms would subside and it was quite concerning. To keep my sanity I turned to crocheting an afghan that I had long wanted to try, but had no real need for. Well crocheting that afghan was very calming for me. My hands shook too much for stitching of any type, but I had no trouble crocheting. It took 6 months for the side-effects to subside. I have a beautiful afghan and a wariness of drug side-effects now.

Pop on over to Kathy's site to see what other bloggers are stitching. 
I hope to add another piece to my Advent Calendar......that is after I finish writing my final exam and go grocery shopping.

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  1. Lovely border on the afghan! I have lots of daffodils in bloom at my house right now, but no tulips yet. I hope you get some time for your advent calendar this afternoon. You will be relieved when your exam is done, written by the students and marked!

  2. Your afghan is so beautiful! I'm also enjoying seeing all the spring flowers. I hope the testing week goes well and stress free for you.

  3. So happy you enjoyed getting that book! :) I love a happy match for sure!!!

    I would love to hear what you are going to school for... your end focal point. I got my ADN tradionally but got my Bachelor's degree online at a school that had a campus in Fla so I went there for graduation ... was fun to meet my online friends that had struggled to complete all the classes too ! I love your crochet progress :)

    Keep up all the good work! And good luck on your class on Tuesday!


  4. Love the afghan and its border! I agree that our handwork is a calming balm to our health. Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. love your afghan and your stitching! aren't the ruffled tulips beautiful!

  6. Stitching/crafting is great relaxation! Your blanket is gorgeous and that cross stitch book looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Such beautiful tulips, I am surprised they are still intact with those cheeky rabbits. The border is a stunning finish to a beautiful blanket.

  8. Good luck with that exam! So many things you mentioned struck a chord with me not the least being how important hand work can be to relaxing and helping us cope with the stresses of life. I too enjoy Mary's patterns and have a calendar of her little people. I also have made three of Attic 24's afghans and loved the process. So I love your crocheted roses and that ruffled tulip is gorgeous.

  9. I hope you meet your deadline and then can have a bit freer time to do your crafts. Fingers crossed! lovely photos, love the bunny and your flowers.

  10. Beautiful afghan, the edging is sweet. I have a brown thumb but love tulips.

    The doctor I work for prescribes Lipitor frequently, I never heard of this bad side effect. Glad your symptoms improved!

  11. Hi Cathie: I am so in love with your afghan, it is beautiful.
    Nice that you were gifted that design booklet.
    Your Tulips are lovely.


  12. Beautiful work on the afghan and so scary about the neurological reaction. I'm so glad the effects did eventually subside.


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