Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring is here! Or is it?

I had two snow days this past week. This was the view from the front of my house early Thursday morning
 The snow was heavy and wet as you can see from my poor Kousa dogwood tree.
I was productive on those days though and finished one of the Christmas trees on the Advent Calendar.
I added some stitches to October Morning. I added the windows on the little house and some grass. I have to finish those dark green stitches and then fill that space in next.
There is only one row of Granny Square Roses left to add to the afghan. You can see the pile of squares next to what is completed.
Then I can connect the columns and figure out what kind of crocheted border I want to add all the way around. Does anyone have any ideas? I would love to hear them as I am a little stumped. 
I also managed to get a little Easter decorating completed. I smile each time I set out this bunny family. 
They were a kit that I painted when my children were little. I wish that I could find kits like these now to make decorations for my children to have. I can't see to find anything of the same quality.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I am planning on starting the second tree on the Advent Calendar. 

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  1. Love your snow shots... and LOVE your header cross stitching too!!!

    You have been very busy :D Did you finish the bridge and I missed it whilst I was busy with our move??


  2. we got around 6-7 inches but luckily it was fluffy and not as heavy as yours. You made some great progress on these pretty projects! :)

  3. your snow looks so heavy - hope it all melts for you soon. I won't even tell you how warm it got here yesterday! but it does go up and down and only 44 this morning. love all your stitches

  4. That must be more snow than you had all winter! At least you had a couple of bonus days for handwork. You got lots done on all of your projects this week. The Christmas tree just sparkles with the beads you have added!

  5. It snowed all day yesterday, but the birds are coming back, and hope is in the air!

    Love the granny square afghan! I don't crochet, so I don't have any border suggestions, but so far, so good!

    Those Easter decorations are really sweet. I am sure they represent many happy memories for you!

  6. Hi Cathie: You have been busy, I love the little bunny collection, you are so right, quality is not what it used to be.


  7. That's a lot of snow, makes me ashamed of all my snow moaning! Your blanket is gorgeous, I love the colours! Take a look at Lucy's blog (an amazing crochet wizz) at She makes lots of blankets with a great variety of borders! Hope it helps.

  8. Hi Cathie, I can't believe the amount of snow you've received. I hope spring arrives soon in your area! I love your 🌹 blanket. It's so beautiful. Have you thought about a white lacy ruffled border? I made up one for one of my blankets. Have a good week, Pat xx

  9. That is a lot of snow. It looks like you have some fun projects for snow days. Those rose blocks still amaze me.

  10. Where is all this snow coming from ?
    Lovely stitching and wow love your blanket.

  11. you are so speedy on that blanket!! and yes the weather is being a bit odd and wintry like. I'm ignoring it valiantly!


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