Sunday, March 11, 2018

Slow, slow stitching

So I think this Advent calendar is going take a while to stitch. I sat down with it yesterday afternoon. I thought that I would stitch pieces #3 and #4 onto it and then take a short break.  

Well, that top green tree piece is #3 that you see added to it. That little piece took well over an hour to embroider, bead and sequin and then stitch on to the background. Needless to say that is the only piece that was added yesterday.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. I will be adding piece #4 with no ideas about adding piece #5. If it happens great, if not that is okay too. I just want to be able to finish it before Thanksgiving. 

I have been happily working on adding rows to my Granny Rose Square afghan. There are three+ rows added. There are 12 rows in all. It isn't twisting anymore.
There is no timeline for this project, but it gives me something to do at night while watching TV.

Finally I wanted to show you how pretty our snow looked last Wednesday.
This is the view from my front window. It is mostly all gone now except for on my north facing deck, but we are expecting another 3-5 inches Monday into Tuesday and the wind-chills are in the 20s and 30s. Didn't we just Spring ahead? The birds, bunnies and flowers are all anticipating Spring, but I think it might be some time before we see the warmer weather here.

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  1. Chilly and snowing off and on here too. I put away my snowflake doormat and put out the mat with the tulips on in. I told my husband I am channeling Spring! Your tree is growing! Have fun stitching today!

  2. Your afghan is just beautiful! It reminds me of the afghans my mother made. Spring is slowly coming, very slowly this year.

  3. Love the snow picture... I actually miss it living in Florida. Great progress on your projects - that afghan is coming along really well.

  4. so much snow, you guys are just really getting hit with it this March

  5. Love the progress on the Advent piece a great project for Slow stitching, the rose blocks for your afghan are lovely. And all that snow makes me both homesick for NJ and glad I live in Florida.

  6. Your Granny Rose Square afghan and your advent piece are both fabulous! You do such beautiful work!

  7. Those rose blocks are so pretty. Yes, it does not look springlike there at all yet.

  8. Hi Cathie: nice progress on your Advent Calandar, beautiful, your roses look wonderful.


  9. Your stitching project won't take as long as the one that you finished (hahaha). Lovely progress and your wintry photo is serenely beautiful!!

  10. What a beautiful project! Love the Advent Calendar so far, even if it's fiddly. Nice work on your afghan too. We're currently at 12 inches or so in this never-ending snowstorm. And it's still falling!


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