Sunday, March 18, 2018

I need some cross-stitch

With Baker Beach completed, I am currently working on my Advent Calendar and the Granny Rose Square afghan, but the other day I really wanted to cross-stitch. I didn't want to start something new so I returned to October Morning.
I added the coral colored roof that you can see. This is a stamped cross-stitch that mom started many years ago, but didn't enjoy working on. I started working on it a few years ago, but I prefer counted cross-stitch. I think I need new needles as it is very difficult to get the needle with three strands of floss through the fairly dense fabric. My hands were aching after just adding those 50+ stitches, but I did get to work on some cross-stitch and that made me happy.

Do you see that butterfly needle-minder at the top? I am very proud to have made that myself. It was a pin that my son had bought for me when he was in elementary school at one of the school's Mother's Day sales. Although I have several, I rarely wear pins any more, so I cut the pin off of the back and glued on a heavy duty magnet from ACMoore. Now I can use it all the time and remember when he gave it to me. It works like a charm!

Now to update the other projects. I have added two more pieces to the Advent Calendar. 
The tree on the left is growing nicely and I am hoping to finish it this week as the University that I work for is on Spring Break and my afternoons will be free. I still have to go to my day job.

At night while watching TV, I am adding squares to my Granny Rose Afghan. 
I have 6 of 12 rows completed and I am partway done adding the seventh on the left. Of course once the rows are all added I still have to connect the columns, but that should work up fairly quickly. I think it is looking pretty nice.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. 

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  1. I’m missing my cross stitch too now that my project is done. I have only ever done counted cross stitch. The picture is pretty...I can understand why you want to finish it. There are lots of beads on your Christmas tree! The afghan is coming along too. You have been getting lots done this week.

  2. it is nice to have a variety of projects to work on isn't it

  3. It looks to me you have achieved lots this week, all really nice projects! I agree its nice to have a cross stitch to work on. Have a good day!

  4. What wonderful projects you have been working on .
    Love your pin and what a lovely story behind it.
    Have a lovely stitching Sunday.

  5. I like your new project--so pretty--when I do stamped cross stitchery I only use two strands; I separate them out singly and then put two together and run them through my fingers so that they stay together... I like how it comes out when two stitches meet....not so bulky...hugs, Julierose

  6. You have a nice group of projects to work on. I missed the post about Baker Beach being finished...will have to scroll back and find the post.

  7. Hi Cathie: Your October Morning is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
    That afghan is beautiful.
    Your Advent Calendar is coming along.


  8. I remember learning to cross stitch with printed patterns. I love your rose blocks. They're so pretty.

    The pin idea is fabulous. It makes such a good use of the pin.

  9. Your blanket will be an heirloom! I love the colors and the assembly :) I bet you feel free with all this time to not work on your big cross stitch :)


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