Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Proud parents 2

Now Hubby and I have to congratulate our daughter who just passed her 11th and final actuarial exam making her a full-fledged Actuarial Fellow. She spent  2500 hours studying over the past 5.5 years to pass all those exams.
I also want to share a few more pictures of our trip to CA.
On our last day in CA our flight was delayed early in the day, so we were able to spend some time looking around Stanford University. Hubby wanted to re-visit Stanford Memorial Church.
There are inspirational panels around the church. This was my son's favorite.
The stained glass windows are beautiful.
We also had time to visit the Rodin Sculpture Garden. All of these are reproductions.
 These are The Gates of Hell.
An up close view of the Gates of Hell.
 The sculpture garden is outside of the Cantor Arts Center. If you ever get to visit the Palo Alto area, this is a free museum. There is an area for Asian art.
 The Jade items were gorgeous.
Look at the delicate carving on this plate.
An Asian exhibit is not complete without a dragon.
 Can you believe the beauty of this blue and yellow urn?
 Being an avid tea drinker, I had to take a photo of this teapot. 
Blue and white porcelain has always been a favorite of mine.
 There was also an Ancient Americas exhibit (Peru and Mesoamerica)
 Almost all the bowls had holes in the bottom.
Aren't the decorations on these pots just gorgeous?
 I was fascinated by the juxtaposition of this beautiful black pot and the small graphically decorated one below it.
 Hubby and I posed by a Totem Pole in the Native American Art Exhibit.
 A ceremonial mask.
 We also visited an Art & Its Histories exhibit.

 There were also some Egyptian items.
 There was even a wool and linen fragment of fabric from the Byzantine Era of Egypt circa 330 - 641 CE (also known as BC)
 You know that I would find and share a piece of pretty fabric.
That was the end of our trip. We are home now and my school year will be done on Friday. I am so looking forward to summer vacation and a whole lot of crafting.

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  1. Congratulations to your daughter. I enjoyed to tour you took us on. The Stanford campus and surrounding area is so beautiful.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter, Cathie! We have a friend who's daughter is studying for the same thing and her books are huge. This is a very big accomplishment. I would be so proud too. She also is an adorable her photo. Your tour was wonderful. I can tell you had a really good time in California. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  3. Congratulations to your daughter, a just reward for all the hard work. Loved the stained glass window.

  4. Congratulations on your daughter's achievement, you have raised two very smart children. I enjoyed the tour very much, I love seeing all the antiquities and it's amazing that piece of fabric survived all these years, would be great inspiration for a cross stitch.

  5. Congrats again! So many good things happening to your family :)

  6. Huge congratulations to her!! And lovely photos again.


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