Thursday, June 1, 2017

Found it!

I found a yarn that is a good match to the one that I ran out of.
That little ball is the all that I had left. The new yarn has less of a blue tinge, but it looks great with the roses don't you think. I was so pleased when I went to the store and came upon it almost right away. I have been crocheting a whole lot of leaves. There are only a few roses left that need their leaves. Then I can concentrate on adding the cream background on them.
My son was home for a day from CA. He flew in to look for an apartment in PA near his new job. Hubby met him at the airport and they drove to PA Tuesday night so that they could look on Wednesday. He visited with both of us on Thursday. The weather was nice enough that we could spend some time playing in the back yard.
One righty, one lefty. No pics of me.
The flower pots on my deck are looking good. 
I bought a variety of different flowers. The two pots below stay in the shade most of the day. 
 Every thing else is mostly in the sun.
 The pots above and below are on stands so I usually plant a trailing flower or vine.
I am looking forward to enjoying the flowers while sitting on my deck once summer vacation comes around. I will be off starting the last week of June. I am so looking forward to it.

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  1. Perfect yarn to continue on your crochet those roses!! Pretty flower pots...hope to do mine this weekend...hugs, Julierose

  2. Cathie so happy you were able to find such a great matching yard to finish your crochet squares. The roses are so pretty. Great plants in all of your pots. So happy your son is home and was able to find an apartment. Have a great week. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  3. That yarn works perfectly.

    It will be nice to have your son closer. That's a big change for him.

    Your flowers are all so pretty.

  4. So lucky you found the yarn , I love those roses you are making.
    Oh and you flower pots look wonderful.

  5. You were so fortunate to find the right color wool, it blends perfectly. That will be so nice for you to have your son closer to you to visit. Are you off for the entire summer? Hopefully we will have some nicer weather for you to enjoy on your deck by then! Mary

  6. Well done for find a match for the yarn it must have been a great relief. How wonderful that your son is moving closer to you. Stunning flowers, hopefully you will get to enjoy them when you have your break.

  7. does this mean he will live closer??? I am interpreting that. How exciting! Oh and that yarn is a perfect match!

  8. Always nice having your children visit. Your flower pots look wonderful! I wish my gardening skills would improve a little.


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