Sunday, January 15, 2017

Did you miss me?

I have missed connecting with all of you. I have not had my computer for at least a week. There was a hard-drive problem that my computer savvy Hubby could not fix. He had to bring it to two different repair places until they could get it back up and running, but then the second place didn't fully connect the fan so it was overheating and shutting down completely. It still has a minor glitch that Hubby is researching. He is trying so hard to salvage this 7 year old computer that I really like. 

Now I have a smart phone and a mini-iPad, but I didn't couldn't get to any of my photos or even to Blogger Dashboard. Everything is backed up, but not accessible to those devices so updating this blog was just not happening. I must say that I was going through laptop withdrawal, but I did get all of my Christmas decor put away in a timely fashion. Our tree told us that it needed to come down when the star on the top started drooping.
I enjoyed visiting with my son who spent a couple of extra days with us when his flight was cancelled due to snow. He helped Hubby with the snow removal. 
 That is my son running the snow blower.
I was able to put a few stitches on Baker Beach during my school break also. You can see the pale yellow that is new. I couldn't avoid the shadow of my hand as it is snowing again today.
I will be joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching today. I plan on spending some time working on Baker Beach. I will join the Stitchery Link Party on Monday at Super Mom - No Cape. Pop on over to these sites to see what other bloggers are up to.

I am glad to be back to blogging, but I realize now that in order to get more crafting completed I need to stay away from the laptop time trap. I have stumbled into a New Year's resolution to craft more and play laptop games less. I think I will be much happier with my crafting progress. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Technology while great can be a time suck. Brrr on all that snow.


  2. Sorry about your PC .
    Look at all your snow .
    We didn't get any this week but most of the UK did.
    Your stitching is looking great .

  3. After all the hype over the news, we did get snow that lasted for about 10 minutes. It went as quick as it came. The major issue was the tidal surge and thankfully the wind changed direction and all was well. Great snow pictures and as always beautiful stitching.

  4. Our pc is older than yours and is sadly on its last leg too.. I can understand how you feel about withdrawal :)
    Great stitching update!

  5. I love my computer until it goes wrong and then I hate it!! Work is definitely progressing on your cross stitch. Wow all that snow looks wonderful (can you tell I don't live in an area that gets snow!)

  6. The upside of no computer is more stitching time!!!! I avoid computer games but can get lost in looking at quilting blogs!!! Glad to see baker beach is back out again

  7. Hi Cathie: Baker Beach is almost done? or does it go beyond the blue stitch's?
    What a treat to have your Son for a few more days, I hope you are not having snow today, we are expecting an ice storm late this evening ICK.
    Sometimes I want to blow up my computer then it would be just the laptop, it has a smaller screen I like the big screen, more to see, I hope your husband can find the problem.


  8. Baker Beach is looking great, I love seeing your progress. I'm definitely getting more done now I've given up playing solitaire, though Pinterest is a big pull now!

  9. Glad to see you are back at Kathy's blog I had missed your progress

  10. Computer troubles are awful!

    Lots of lovely snow there and how nice to have extra time with your son because of it :)

  11. Laptop issues are so frustrating! I am glad you are able to get yours to (mostly) work so you can blog again. (If I try to blog from my iPad, it will only allow me to see what fills the screen. It will not scroll down at all, so it just does not work. I feel your frustration...)

    Baker Beach looks fantastic! I do love seeing your updates. I hope you find lots of crafty time this week.

  12. Oh, I see there's a whole 'nother part I didn't realize needed stitching. Maybe you will have lots of time to work on it this winter. It's worth doing to have the gorgeous piece when it's finished. I'm so sorry for your computer troubles! I know I love my laptop so much that when the old one had so many issues, I bought another just like it, even knowing the model was phasing out for newer technology. I like what I like, and it sounds like you do, too!

  13. It's so hard to divide all of your time.

  14. Nothing more annoying than technology that stops working! I hope you get your last glitches sorted out soon. In the meantime you have made good progress on Baker Beach.

  15. YOU WERE MISSED! sorry about the caps.. I am facing a laptop that keeps hinting it wants to die. I keep ignoring it. and yes, I'm backed up just in case.

  16. Computer problems are the worst! Glad you were able to work your way back. The cross stitch is coming along beautifully. Hopefully you've been able to dig out of the snow a bit more.


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