Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stitching and gardening

I have finally been cleaning some windows and getting my flower pots filled. Yesterday was spent cleaning all of the windows in my living room, washing the sheer curtains and putting them back up as well as ironing my summer drapes and hanging them. Finally my living room has emerged from its winter look and is ready for the warm weather. 
I also spent some time after work this week potting my vegetables.
I potted 2 cherry tomato plants (the only tomatoes that will grow for me), a sweet yellow pepper and a perennial strawberry plant.

Today I finished filling the pots with flowers for my back yard deck.

 I love the way all the little plants perk up once you put them in the pots. They will fill out in a few weeks and I will have lush pots to enjoy. I will probably start feeding them sometime next week.
Since I have had these other chores lined up after work, I haven't gotten much stitching done. I did a tiny bit on my Prairie Schooler Santa.
You really can't tell it is a Santa yet.
I am also still stitching with the same gray color as last week on Baker Beach.
Last week:
This week:
I hope to finish this color later today. I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching today.  On Monday I will be joining the Stitchery Link Party on Super Mom - No Cape. Pop on over to their sites to see what other bloggers are up to.
Lastly, my absolute favorite azalea bloomed in all its glory this week.

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  1. Your pots are looking lovely. I don't suppose you want to pop over and clean my windows? Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Let's see. I still have to clean the windows in my kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Then I have to do my mom's windows. I'm sorry but I think you are on your own.

  2. You have been very busy! I spent some time planting flowers this weekend too...hoping to do some stitching tonight. Your cross stitch projects are inspiring me to pull out an old UFO....

  3. Isn't it lovely when the windows are all clean? It makes such a difference.
    All your pots look gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the Santa emerge!

  4. Your patio is going to look terrific once all those pots are filled out with blooms! Nice progress on your stitching. :)

  5. Such beauty to enjoy outdoors at this time of year!

  6. Your pots look wonderful and will be filled in in no time at all. The azalea is stunning!

    Your cross stitch is gorgeous. How long have you been working on it? That will be amazing when it is finished.

  7. Your progress on Baker Beach is impressive!

  8. Pretty cross stitch and flower pots...which make me realize that mine need a bit of attention.

  9. Your SF bridge cross stitch is breathtaking!

  10. Lovely progress on your projects :) Your garden looks wonderful!

  11. what a gorgeous azalea!!! I threw a zucchini in a pot this year (really just until I found a good in-ground spot) and it's growing it's fool little head off....has 4 itty zucs already. I guess it's staying put!!! Never know with plants what will strike their fancy. :)

  12. Your potted cherry tomatoes look a lot like mine with the tomato and the marigolds. I'm trying a new to me heirloom variety of yellow cherry tomatoes this year. So I've got it planted here at the house and the other cherry tomatoes are at our community garden plot as I was warned that they have a tendency to cross pollinate. I still need to get the rest of my pots filled.

    Your stitching is coming along bit by bit.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back! Aloha hugs!


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