Sunday, May 3, 2015

Slow Sunday Prayers

Prayers can work miracles.
 I am asking my followers and fellow bloggers to pray for the young police officer mentioned in this article and his family.
He grew up as my neighbor. He graduated high school with my son.
I can add nothing more.
Thanks for your prayers.


  1. So sorry to hear about this! I'm in Detroit and we've managed to avoid any such incidents or riots in my area but its a very worn down, underfunded, disillusioned city and I'm worried. Prayers to the officer and his family. Please let them know that we support our officers and respect them for the difficult job they do.

  2. We had a police officer stabbed in a domestic this week in my town. It is so sad, and yet a terrible reminder of why we need these brave people who protect us.

  3. They all need our prayers. Sending prayers of peace for the family.

  4. Sending up a prayer as soon as I finish typing sorry and will pray for all. Such craziness in this world, but with HIM is peace, truly.
    xo Lisa


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