Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Family Time

I haven't shared with you one of my favorite Christmas gifts. My son bought this beautiful yarn bowl for me from a craftsman in California. Now I can't wait to fill it with yarn for a new project. Hmmm...I wonder what that will be.

 My daughter was crafty this Christmas also. Hubby has made a hobby of feeding the birds in our back yard and adding warm water to the birdbath now that it is cold. Our daughter decided to make this for him.
Hubby thought this was a great gift.
We spent part of the final day of my son's visit walking the path in the local nature preserve. We need to work off all of those holiday goodies. 
The sun was shining and the air was brisk and calm. A perfect day for a winter walk. Hubby and I by the lake.
My son and his girlfriend attempting to skip some stones. Unfortunately, there weren't any good, flat skipping stones.
The swans and ducks came to visit. 
I think they were hoping for some bread, but we didn't bring any.
On our way back to our car.
Just a little winter tour of our area. 
Our daughter headed home yesterday and our son and his girlfriend return to California this afternoon. The holidays are truly over.

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  1. Hello Cathy

    What a fabulous yarn bowl, I've not seen anything like it before but it's brilliant. Looking forward to seeing yarn inside it and your makes.

    I love the Nature reserve it looks so peaceful, oh my look at those clouds, brilliant.

    Happy New Year.


    1. Thanks Irene. My son knows that I love pottery, especially anything with a blue hue.

  2. What a beautiful bowl. Love your hubby's gift. We feed the birds here too. We have two heated bird baths. They really love them this time of year. Your nature pictures are beautiful!

  3. what a gift!!! I bet you loved opening that one up. Glad you had fun with your family and I bet you are ready to get back to regular life (I sure am!!)


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