Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

Did I really get any crafts finished this year? I don't feel like I finished very many crafts. 
First, I made a hat for hubby. 
 Then I finished my Barn Jacket.

I finished stitching Love by Little House Needleworks. This is still a WIP that needs to be made into a tiny pillow or something.
 I made this infinity scarf for myself.
 and this one too.

 Another scarf because I loved this yarn.
 I made this bowl to use up some really stiff and scratchy craft yarn. It now resides in my craft room.
I finished stitching this Little House Needleworks pattern also. It still needs to be framed.

I finally finished quilting and binding this Peanuts Christmas quilt. My daughter had it for the holidays this year.
 I needed a quick craft, so plastic canvas coasters fit the bill.
 This little Thanksgiving hand towel took longer to stitch than it should, but I was pleased with the outcome. I will have it to use next year as I finished it after Thanksgiving.
Finally, just in time for Christmas, I finished this apron.

Now for my WIPs that will extend into 2015.

Mom's vest now has its buttonband sewn on, but I haven't taken a picture. I need to cast on the buttonhole band, knit around the armholes and add a collar. It should be finished soon.
I would really like to finish my table runner asap also. This is just for me. I would like to start on a jelly roll quilt, but I want this project finished first.
Large Cross-stitch #1 is a long term project. I would love to be able to complete a page a month, but that will be too much pressure. Maybe I will aim to complete a page every other month. 
 This is another long-term project. My mom started it, I frogged it and now it is stalled in favor of other projects. I am sure I will pick it up when the whim strikes me.
 My Rose Granny Squares are also a long term project. I have no particular plan for these so I just pick them up when I need a portable project.
Okay, I feel much better now. I finished plenty and have much more crafting in my future.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow you were busy in 2014 , Happy New Year.

  2. Beautiful pieces this year. I look forward to seeing what you work on next year.

  3. Happy new year!! Loved seeing your projects in the past year..looking forward to 2015's projects!

  4. happy new year!!! i love how diversified your interests are.....mine are diversified, but it seems i only ever KNIT!!!! :)

  5. You're getting all kinds of stuff done! I really like those Granny Squares.

  6. Oh goodness! That's a lot in a year!!! They are all awesome, but I think my favorite is "over the river...." The roses are GORGEOUS colors. They will make an incredible afghan if you go that route. :-)

    1. Thanks Astri. I really like "over the river" also. I need to get it framed some day.

  7. So many different techniques you work with. I can't do anything but quilting.


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