Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympic Stitching Sunday

I love watching the Olympics. I love the competition and watching sports I know I will never attempt. Ski-jumping? No way. I am way too afraid of heights but I love watching those athletes fly.
I also love the Olympics because it is a valid excuse to sit in front of the TV and stitch. 
 This is yesterday's progress on Little House Needleworks' "Through the Woods" pattern.

 Just the tree and a little bit of snow existed prior to my Olympic stitching. I expect to have much more finished by next Sunday. Of course, I am also knitting and crocheting while watching but I still believe there will be progress. I am really enjoying this pattern.

I'm joining Crissie Crafts for Stitching Sundays. Pop on over to her site to see what others are stitching.
The wildlife in my neighborhood, birds and squirrels, have been coming to our snow-cleared deck looking for food so we put out some bird-seed. 

 Now our deck is quite the popular dining spot right outside our living room. Alternative viewing during the commercials.

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  1. I LOVE that little cross stitch! Thank you so much for linking it to my blog. The photos of the birdies are so sweet, I'm a big fan of backyard birds! Chrissie x

  2. This is such a gorgeous piece your stitching. I love all the detail. Yes for Olympics with you all the way!! Enjoy xxx

  3. Dear Cathie
    You've got off to a great start with your lovely stitching. I look forward to seeing its progress.
    Best wishes

  4. What a lovely little stitchie you're getting on with there Anne, and those little birds are too gorgeous aren't they! Hugs, Joy x

  5. that's a sweet little stitch. I am not a fan of the Olympics, but I do tend to do some stitching in front of the TV every evening anyway!

  6. Love the stitching while watching TV...This one sounds really neat.

    I am gearing up to start stitching a viking ship. As soon as all these crochet projects are completed. ;-)


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