Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's WIPocalypse and Stitching Sunday

Happy Valentine's Day!

Joining Melissa for WIPocalypse today and Chrissie's Stitching Sunday.
For the first I need to tell you how many projects I like to have going on at once. I don't have a definitive number but definitely more than one. That being said, I rarely have more than one project per craft going at once. 

The Olympics have allowed me to make great progress on Little House Needleworks' "Through the Woods".

 I am concentrating on this one cross-stitch currently. I find that I need to work on and finish one cross-stitch at a time or all the cross-stitch gets put aside indefinitely. So of the two I currently have started, this is the one I am working on.

 This is also fitting considering the copious amounts of snow we are experiencing. Yesterday was hubby's birthday and we spent it shoveling and snow-blowing about ten inches of snow. I told him he got the gift of snow for his birthday and he asked me if we could return it because it was too big!

We are not going to be grilling any time soon...
or sitting on this bench.

Now, back to WIPocalypse.
 I do have many other projects in the works:
  • knitting: Barn Jacket for me
  • crocheting: Rose Granny Squares (may become an afghan)
  • cross-stitch: printed cross-stitch "October Morning" by Dimensions
  • quilting: hand quilting small Peanuts Christmas quilt
  • quilting: need to bind queen-sized "Indigo Flying Geese" quilt
  • quilting: bargello table runner
 So, I usually have many varied projects going on. Yes, I know, I have 3 quilt projects in progress right now, but that is unusual for me. I really have to finish one of the quilts soon. 
I will never be bored because there is always something different that I can work on. Usually though, I try to concentrate on one or two projects at a time until they are finished. "Through the Woods" and my Barn Jacket are the projects that are getting all the attention right now. 
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  1. the more projects on the go, the better, I think!!

  2. Cathie, can't wait to see your quilting projects. I too enjoy quilting and knitting when I'm not cross stitching or needlepointing.


    1. Thanks Sandy. I have to get back to quilting very soon.

  3. Snow is such a good excuse to stitch or craft!! Keep it up!

  4. Gosh, I miss snow! (I know, I know, you'd be happy to send it all to me in the UK - I grew up in Western PA, and I miss a "proper" winter!) I like having multiple WIPs so I have a craft for whatever mood I'm in - I rarely, if ever, just sit and watch tv with idle hands! Loving the snowy cross stitch! Chrissie x

    1. I love all the seasons, winter snow included. I know I would miss it if I lived elsewhere but there has just been too much this winter.

  5. Your cross stitch project is lovely! I like to have various crafts going, too. I like having options of what to work on!

  6. I love your Little House piece - she's one of my favorite designers to stitch.


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