Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow and Doilies

We had a blizzard here last week!
Here is the view of my back yard.
This is out my front door.
  My son's flight to California was cancelled. He couldn't leave until two days later so he had the privilege of using the snow blower.
Did he really think we would let him miss out on some snow while he visited?
How do you store your Christmas decorations? This is just one of many plastic storage bins that I have filled with Christmas stuff.
I slip an index card with the contents down the side of each box facing out. This way, not only can I see which box I want to empty next when I am decorating, but it greatly helps when putting everything back after Christmas. No more trying to fit items in willy-nilly.
As you can see, I have made revisions along the way as to what goes in which box.
Marie Ann over at The Crooked Yarn is actively crocheting doilies so I decided to look at my collection. I have made a few myself with mixed results possibly because I have a whole bunch of inherited thread much of which is unlabeled.
I made the doily below a couple of years ago.
 There are a few mistakes that I can see easily, but I don't think most people would see them. I think it looks quite pretty on my dining table now that it has been blocked.
Along with the thread that I inherited from my husband's grandmother, I also received the pattern books you see below.

I would love to make this one someday.
I'm not sure I have the patience or skill to try this but maybe someday.
Here are a couple of doilies that I inherited from my own Wisconsin grandmother. I believe she made them, but I really don't know for sure.
 They are three different sizes and the middle one has a couple of stains.
These are quite delicate and intricate.....or at least to me they are intricate.

I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along once again. What are you knitting/crocheting? What are you reading?
I am still slowly working on the first sleeve of my Barn Jacket. Since my son was home a while into the new year, I didn't spend much time working on it. Maybe by next week I will have the first sleeve done and the second one cast on.

I have been looking through Ree Drummond's A Year of Holidays, not really reading.  

This was a Christmas gift from my mom. I always like to get books as gifts because you can always keep them. Mom usually writes something inside the cover of each book also.

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  1. just when we thought the storm had passed started snowing again!!! (we're still dealing with burst pipes!! the joy of winter in an old house!!!) your snow looks beautiful, though!! enjoy! (and all that good crafting!) thanks for popping into my blog!!

  2. YOUR snow is beautiful. I'm glad I live in Central CA. I have some old small doilies that I've always thought I'd mount on velvet and frame them. Love them.

  3. I have a few doilies from MY Wisconsin grandmother and I just cherish them. She has been in bad health for the past month so I've been thinking about her a lot lately.

  4. I have crocheted in the past and while I love the finished look it tends to hurt my hands. Look at the snow!! Lovely :) stay warm.


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