Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crafting goals for 2014

Upon reading the 2014 crafting goals of some of my fellow  bloggers, I decided to take stock of my own.
First I would like to finish stitching my Winter Angel and then post the pattern.
I have actually finished much more than this but have yet to photograph it.
I would like to design and stitch angels for Spring, Summer and Autumn also.

I have an awful lot of WIPs:
I need to finish quilting this Peanut's quilt.

I need to bind my Flying Geese quilt.

I need to finish my Barn Jacket. Look how far I've gotten though.

I finally finished that first pesky sleeve and I am about halfway done with the second. No frogging so far....I've probably jinxed myself now.

I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along again this week. What are you knitting/crocheting? What are you reading?

I am still reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I really do like the book, but I think I will be reading this for quite a while as I am trying to concentrate on my crafts whenever I have some free time.

Speaking of which, here are some more ideas that are in the 2014 pipeline:

Knit a hat for hubby.

Have my son's quilt quilted and then bind it (need to save a little for that). I will share a picture of that quilt shortly.

 Finish cutting the fabric for and then stitch up a bargello table runner.

Complete a stamped cross-stitch started by my mom.

Crochet a dress for a craft bear that doesn't have anything to wear for the winter.

Knit a vest and another infinity scarf. 

Oh my goodness, I am exhausted already and there are so many more projects I would like to start and complete.

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  1. I love having lots of projects to choose from when I sit down to relax. You have plenty!! I know you will finish all of them eventually and they will be grand.

  2. OH you are such a busy lady with all those projects on the go and others planned, and such a wonderful variety too - I reckon if you go with the flow and work on whichever one speaks to you at any given time you'll be through them all in no time! Enjoy the process! Hugs, Joy x

  3. I'm exhausted by your list as well!

    But, much fun...hee hee.

    Happy Crafting in 2014!


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