Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yarn Along

Hi there everyone!
So my plan to crochet 5+ Daisy Squares is going fairly well though it has just been 5 each day. I have 25 made as you can see below. Added a periwinkle background that I had in my stash. Think I will need about 140 squares for the size blanket I want to make. Not sure I have enough of the background colors that I bought, but I might just raid my yarn stash. Some of it has been around a long time. 
Just finished reading Murder by Serpents by Barbara Graham. This was an easy read murder mystery that kept me entertained but not in a suspenseful way. I enjoyed it. Next on my reading list is High Meadow by Joan Wolf. I just love sitting on my deck in the summer reading a book with a glass of iced tea by my side.
It is Christmas in July around here. Well it has been Christmas for a while, as I am trying to finish the hand quilting on the Peanuts Christmas quilt I made for my daughter last year.  This is from a kit I found in the Keepsake Quilting catalog. Just had to buy it for her when I saw it. Here she is showing off the quilt top Christmas morning. I would like to have it quilted by this Christmas at least.
It is now sitting on my little quilt frame, or sometimes on my small lap quilt frame.
I outlined all the snow in the cartoon borders.

Now I am working on stitching a string of Christmas lights in the red and green borders. No picture of that yet. I just got started on it. Back to crafting now.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. how cute! so fun to make such things :)

  2. What a sweet quilt!

  3. I love your Daisy Squares! Pretty!

  4. LOVE your Daisy squares!!! Such pretty colors! And the quilt is gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely quilt! thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. I think 5 squares per day is a good goal. Your quilt is so cute. I really like the way you are quilting the little pictures.

  7. Oh my word, what a beautiful and stunning quilt. Five squares a day sounds very daunting - well done. I love your crochet daisies with such pretty colours. Thank you for the book titles - I love crime mysteries.
    Thank you somuch for your kind comment on my blog.


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