Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yarn Along: An Armful of Daisies

Do you ever spend so much time crocheting that when you try to put down your hook you can't? That is what happened to me the other night so I needed to take a day off from crocheting. I have still made some good progress, as you can see by the stacks of daisies below. I have actually managed to make 5 more since this picture was taken.

I have joined Ginny's Yarn Along, so yarn work must be accompanied by reading. Of course it is summer, so reading is a must any way.
I am about to start reading First Comes Love by Whitney Lyles. This is the last book that I picked up from the library exchange. I will need to make a library trip later this week to stock up on reading selections.
I just finished High Meadow by Joan Wolf. This is a novel that is probably considered a romance but certainly touched on some deeper topics and emotions. I will definitely be looking for some more of this author's books.
Here is my most recently finished crochet project .

It is a baby blanket for the daughter of my daughter's former soccer trainer and his wife. Here are some close-ups.

The pattern is from a small baby blanket pamphlet that I have had for many years. It called for worsted weight yarn, but I used Bernat Softee baby weight yarn. The feel of this yarn is exquisite. I had to add on one extra repeat of the colors to get the proper length. I felt the lighter weight was better for the spring/summer. This was such an easy pattern to work. I loved working with all the color changes. I was able to mark my progress by the stripes which makes any project seem to go faster.
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  1. Lovely blanket! The daisies are so cute!

  2. Nice squares, and I love the striped blanket!

  3. That blanket is very pretty. Love the colourful daisies.
    Enjoy your summer reading.

  4. Love the daisy squares and the blanket is just gorgeous !

  5. Thank you for all the nice comments. They are really appreciated.

  6. Hi Cathie, thanks for leaving your comment on my blog post. I love the baby blanket you've made, it is so adorable!


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