Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thankful for Air Conditioning and Yarn Along

It is sweltering here on Long Island, so I am very thankful that we have central air-conditioning in my home. When hubby and I bought our cape-cod style house 26 years ago, it came with central air-conditioning that successfully cooled the first floor (and basement) but not the upstairs. Ten years ago we turned our house into a colonial style home and expanded the air-conditioning. I don't think I could ever do without it. With the temps in the high 90s for the second time this summer, I am extremely thankful for the cool oasis.

Some knitting to show you this week for the Yarn Along with Ginny. Feel free to join us. It is incentive to keep the WIPs going and interesting to see what other bloggers are making and reading.

I recently cast on my second pair of hand warmers from here. I made a pair for myself last winter. This pair will be for my daughter. I just began knitting this past year, although I tried it many years ago. So far I have knitted a pair of these hand warmers and a scarf. I need to practice as I would like to tackle a sweater this fall/winter. I also included my latest daisy square installment from My Rose Valley. As you can see I have added a yellow background to the mix.
I just finished reading First Comes Love by Whitney Lyles.  The book is about a couple, Cate and Ethan, their quest to get pregnant, a family member's wedding plans and the pregnancies of Cate's friends. The writing is crisp and the story line definitely moves along. This was a good summer read, but as a 50-something the subject matter is a little young for me. I won't have to deal with this until my own kids are getting married and having children.

Next on my reading radar is Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber. This is one book of the Blossom Street series that I have yet to read. I am so looking forward to immersing myself in this book. I strongly recommend reading this series starting with The Shop on Blossom Street. I love the way Debbie Macomber writes. I know her books are classified as romance novels but the character relationships are so rich, especially the multigenerational female friends and relatives. I laugh and cry and thoroughly enjoy all of her books. I'm going to bring this book on our trip to the Poconos. I always like to read or craft in the car. I will probably have the bag of daisy squares and knitting with me too.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your completed hand warmers!

  2. I look forward to finishing them and starting something new. Thanks for visiting.


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